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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
Mark Dickson's photos and sketches were a great start. The recent release of Quantum Leap in high definition on streaming and Bluray has certainly helped with higher fidelity photos with better color accuracy.

As for Deborah Pratt's handlink (v11), I took four photos of it at the Leap Back 2009 convention with the intention that one day I'd use them to make my own handlink. Although they didn't lead to any huge new revelations, the photos I took helped confirm some color choices.

So realistically, there are two places that props like a Handlink are used: #1 in someone's home. #2 On a convention show floor such as Comic Con. It has to be loud enough to be heard over the din of thousands of guests and presenters.

I wish I would have known about the quantum leap convention as I live an hour away from Los Angeles. Do you have any close up photos of Al's "neon" star pin? Any plans to reproduce it? If I recall correctly it was a real item the prop dept used
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