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Default What other Forums are people in.

Just got this idea from reading ohboy's thread about starting a forum. What other Forums/boards is everyone on? I will start off by listing mine.First of all of course this oneEarthprime.com's forumDimensionofcontinuity.com the sliders bboardHighlander-community.comI am not sure of the web address but I am on a spider-man board.I am most active on this board though.That's about it for me. I am always looking for new ones to explore any suggestions?
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While Quantum Leap is and always will be my favorite show, and Al's Place shall always be my Internet home, about 2 years ago I became interested and involved in reading for an audio podcast site and, on the heels of that, amateur voice acting. At the moment I belong to and am active in:

Voice acting:
Star Trek: Excelsior: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Star_Trek...sior/index.php

Star Trek: Outpost: http://www.giantgnome.com/our-shows/...-trek-outpost/

Star Trek: Temporal Investigations: http://forums.temporal-investigations.com/

Reading sites
Well Told Tales: http://www.welltoldtales.com.php5-2....etestlink.com/

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine: http://dunesteef.com/

Fear On Demand: http://fearondemand.com/
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At the moment, my list consists of three.

1. This one might be a huge surprise! Al's Place Quantum Leap Forum! I don't think I need anymore explanation, other than I love it here and would completely recommend it to anyone that enjoys Quantum Leap, but I think you all know my membership status here.

2. Buck Rogers in the 26th Century Forum, where I am a moderator, as well as pretty active in posting and working on the main site. Wonderful place to be!

3. The last one is on a forum about a television station, in which a few among you, would know what I am referring to. The problem with this forum is that the forum is only about the television, with no place for anything else. Plus, I'm afraid that there seems to be no contact between the regular members and the people that run the place, so most people don't really stay on the forum, but just post once or twice and then never return. The place is getting pretty dead, though, so I may stop checking on it soon and effectively bring my list down to two forums.

I am debating joining a fourth forum (not going to give the name), the topic being a video game called EarthBound, but I don't really know yet if I will. This may sound odd, but I actually take long consideration into rather I join a forum or not, because I am pretty active at the ones I joined. It took me nearly a week to decide to join Al's Place, and I have never once regretted that decision.
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I'm a member of:

- Al's Place
- Twilight Zone Cafe
- Outer Limits Cafe
- EFNY Page
- Olympiacos
- Greek Football

And here is one which is helpful for acting people:

- Theatre Australia

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I'm in a few other groups.
  • Paranormal--I enjoy reading of the paranormal and supernatural.
  • Two Titanic history forums
  • One forum about the Horatio Hornblower series.
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One weather forum; one forum centered around the type of vehicle I drive; one forum centered around the type of motorcycle I ride; one forum centered around nothing, but my Mom runs it, so I joined; one MacGyver forum that I haven't been to in ages; one martial arts forum that I haven't been to in ages; one hobby forum that I haven't been to in ages; Al's Place; I think that's it, but I'm not sure.
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Too many to count. But I've been so far behind on going to them all, I'm sure I'm probably not a member at a couple of them anymore. LOL

The main board I'm on besides this one is the SDCFans.com forum. It's all about the theme park Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri.

I'm also on the TrekBBS, Celebutopia, and World of KJ. WOKJ and TBBS are my two main ones besides AP and SDC. I'm also at Gateworld, a couple cartoon dolling boards, and various actor-related boards. Oh, I'm also at PDN.net; Paint.NET is the COOLEST free imaging software I've come across so far.

I got an Eee PC for my birthday, so I'm at my dad's writing this. Next weekend, I move into my new apartment (going to college this fall), where I'll have free wifi, so I can start really getting connected at my favorite places (such as this one).


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So many!!! I haven't been on any of them in a long time!

There's the one on helium.

A fair few dedicated to Richard Fleeshman.

Buck Rogers in the 26th Century.


A couple dedicated to The Rasmus.

One dedicated to The 69 Eyes.

Book and Reader Forums.

Many writing forums.

Child Past Lives Forums.

Paranormal Phenomena Forums and About.com.

So many others!!!


Oh and this one
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