The Handlink

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A History of the Handlink!
Watch this 9-minute guide to every handlink in the original series.

Handlink Images
From the original television series 1989-1993


Handlink Blueprint

Screen-Used Prop Handlink
Image thanks to T R Solano

Screen-Used Prop Handlinks

Evil Leaper Handlink


Moe Stien's "Future Boy" Handlink


Original 1st Season Handlink


Gummi Bear Handlink


Gummi Bear Handlink photos
donated by auction winner patch011


Gummi Bear Handlink photo
donated by owner Gene Crowell

Gummi Bear Stand-in Handlink photo
from Martin Gero's Instagram (2022)

Replica Props Handlink Reproductions
For this version PLUS 3 others AND Sam's wristlink, visit their website!

These are for sale!




Handlink Reproductions
created by fan sliderguinn99

Genesis Handlink
(front and back)

First Handlink
(front and back)

Handlink from "The Great Spontini"
(front and back)


Gummi Bear Handlink (several views)


Handlink Reproduction
created by fan Mike

Handlink Reproduction
created by fan Brad Bowlin


Handlink Reproduction
owned by fan HologramIAm



Handlink Reproduction
Thanks to fan T R Solano