Imaging Chamber


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Sam Beckett

Screencaps & more featuring Scott Bakula

Donna Elesee Beckett

Screencaps featuring Teri Hatcher and Mimi Kuzyk

Al Calavicci

Screencaps and postcards featuring Dean Stockwell

Beth Calavicci

Screeencaps featuring Susan Diol

Sam & Al
Screencaps & more featuring Scott Bakula & Dean Stockwell

The Beckett FamilyJohn and Thelma, Tom and Katie, Sam & Sammi Jo

Project Quantum Leap
Control Room, Imaging Chamber, the Waiting Room, Accelerator Chamber, Desert Exteriors, Al's Car, Building Exteriors, Ziggy, and Blueprints

PQL Characters

More characters from Project Quantum Leap including Gooshie, Tina, Dr. Verbeena Beeks, Edward St. John V., and other Project Quantum Leap Staff

The Handlink Episode screencaps plus concept, blueprint, prototype & prop images of all versions of the Handlink & replicas

Props Screen Used images of I.D. badges, Wristlink, lapel pin, costumes, and more! (For Handlink props, see The Handlink)

Mirror Images Mirror images of every "Leapee" in Quantum Leap

Title Logos

Universal title treatments and screencaps

Emmy Award for Makeup

Douglas D. Kelly's Emmy Award