Who are those men, women, (and chimp!) in the mirror?

Here are the mirror images of every "Leapee" that our Leapers embodied in Quantum Leap!

Also includes information on the actors who portrayed them and other trivia!


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First Season 1989

  1. Genesis

    Tom Stratton

    Portrayed by: Layne Beamer

    Tim Fox

    Portrayed by: Ken Martin

  2. Star-Crossed

    Dr. Gerald Bryan

    Portrayed by: John Tayloe

  3. The Right Hand of God

    Clarence "Kid" Cody

    Portrayed by: Michael Strasser

  4. How The Tess Was Won

    Dr Daniel Young, DVM

    Portrayed by: Sloan Fischer
    Trivia: Fischer also appeared as the Stage Manager in "Blind Faith."

  5. Double Identity

    Francesco "Frankie" LaPalma

    Portrayed by: 
    Page Moseley

    Don Geno Frascetti

    Portrayed by: Michael Genovese

  6. The Color of Truth

    Jesse Tyler

    Portrayed by: Howard Matthew Johnson

  7. Camikazi Kid

    Cameron “Cam” Wilson

    Portrayed by: Scott Menville

  8. Play It Again, Seymour

    Nick Allen

    Portrayed by: Tony Heller

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Second Season 1990

  1. Honeymoon Express

    Firefighter (Unnamed)
    The firefighter Sam Beckett leaps into is one of only two leapees that we never see in the mirror (or otherwise) during the entire series!

    Tom McBride

    Portrayed by: Ron Chabidon

  2. Disco Inferno

    Chad Stone

    Portrayed by: Kevin Light

  3. The Americanization of Machiko

    Charles Lee Mackenzie

    Portrayed by: Bill Arnold

  4. What Price Gloria?

    Samantha Stormer

    Portrayed by: La Reine Chabut
    Trivia: Liz Segal, sister of Jean Segal (Gloria), plays Gloria's mirror image.

  5. Blind Faith

    Andrew Ross

    Portrayed by: Billy Burdin

  6. Good Morning, Peoria

    “Howlin’” Chick Howell

    Portrayed by: Doug Ibold

  7. Thou Shalt Not...

    Rabbi David K. Basch

    Portrayed by: John J. Reiner

  8. Jimmy

    Jimmy LaMotta

    Portrayed by: Brad Silverman

  9. So Help Me God

    Leonard Dancey

    Portrayed by: Travis Michael Holder

  10. Catch A Falling Star

    Ray Hutton

    Portrayed by: Michael Carl

  11. A Portrait for Troian

    Dr. Timothy Mintz

    Portrayed by:
    Donald P. Bellisario
    Trivia: This is series creator Don Bellisario!

  12. Animal Frat

    Knut “Wild Thing” Wileton

    Portrayed by: Jeff Benson

  13. Another Mother

    Linda Bruckner

    Portrayed by: 
    Molly Meeker

  14. All-Americans

    Eddie Vega

    Portrayed by:
    Corey Smith

  15. Her Charm

    Peter Langley

    Portrayed by: 
    Mark Harrigan

  16. Freedom

    George "Togo" Washakie

    Portrayed by: 
    Jim Jaimes

  17. Good Night, Dear Heart

    Melvin Spooner

    Portrayed by: 
    Marvyn Burkett

  18. Pool Hall Blues

    Charlie "Black Magic" Walters

    Portrayed by: 
    Robert “Rags” Woods

  19. Leaping In Without A Net

    Victor Panzini

    Portrayed by: 
    Ted Nordblum

  20. Maybe Baby


    Portrayed by:
    Jay Boryea

  21. Sea Bride

    Phillip Dumont

    Portrayed by:
    Kent Phillips

  22. M.I.A.

    Jake Rawlins

    Portrayed by:
    Doug Bauer

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Third Season 1991

  1. The Leap Home

    Young Sam Beckett

    Portrayed by:
    Adam Affonso

  2. The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam)

    Herbert "Magic" Williams

    Portrayed by: Christopher Kirby

  3. Leap of Faith

    Father Francis "Frank" Guiseppe Pistano

    Portrayed by: Bud Sabatino

  4. One Strobe Over the Line

    Karl Granson

    Portrayed by: Dan McCoy

  5. The Boogiem*n

    Joshua Rae

    Portrayed by: 
    Chris Ruppenthal
    Trivia: Chris Ruppenthal wrote several episodes of Quantum Leap, including this one!

  6. Miss Deep South

    Darlene Monty

    Portrayed by: Theresa Ring

  7. Black On White On Fire

    Ray Harper

    Portrayed by: 
    Garon Grigsby

  8. The Great Spontini

    Harry Spontini

    Portrayed by: 
    Dan Birch

  9. Rebel Without A Clue

    Shane “Funnybone” Thomas

    Portrayed by: 
    Kristopher Logan

  10. A Little Miracle

    Reginald Pearson

    Portrayed by: 
    Milan Nicksic

  11. Runaway

    Butchie Rickett

    Portrayed by: 
    Buff Borin

  12. 8 1/2 Months

    Billie Jean Crockett

    Portrayed by: 
    Priscilla Weems

  13. Future Boy

    Kenny Sharp

    Portrayed by: 
    Matt Marfoglia

  14. Private Dancer

    Rod “the Bod” McCarty

    Portrayed by: 
    Christopher Solari

  15. Piano Man

    Joey DeNardo/Chuck Danner

    Portrayed by: 
    Sam Clay

  16. Southern Comforts

    Gilbert LaBonte

    Portrayed by: 
    Richard White

  17. Glitter Rock

    Geoffrey “Tonic” Mole

    Portrayed by: 
    Bruce Michael Paine

  18. A Hunting We Will Go

    Gordon O'Reilly

    Portrayed by: 
    Ken Kells

  19. Last Dance Before An Execution

    Jesus Ortega

    Portrayed by: 
    Stephen Domingas

  20. Heart of a Champion

    Hank Sammis

    Portrayed by: John Kidwell

  21. Nuclear Family

    Eddie Ellroy

    Portrayed by: 
    Patrick M. Bruneau

  22. Shock Theater

    Sam Beiderman
    The psychiatric patient Sam Beckett leaps into is one of only two leapees that we never see in the mirror (or otherwise) during the entire series! Below are the mirror images of three of Sam's crossover personalities from this episode.

    Samantha Stormer

    Portrayed by: LaReine Chabut

    Jesse Tyler

    Portrayed by: Howard Matthew Johnson

    Jimmy LaMotta

    Portrayed by: 
    Brad Silverman

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Fourth Season 1992

  1. The Leap Back

    Captain Tom Jarrett

    (Al's Leapee)

    Portrayed by:
    Dean Denton

  2. Play Ball

    Lester "Doc" Fuller

    Portrayed by:
    Owen Rutledge

  3. Hurricane

    Archie Necaise

    Portrayed by:
    Bob Hamilton

  4. Justice


    Portrayed by:
    Glenn Edden

  5. Permanent Wave

    Frank Bianca

    Portrayed by: Robert Jacobs

  6. Raped

    Katie McBain

    Portrayed by:
    Cheryl Pollack

  7. The Wrong Stuff

    Chimpanzee #52 (Bobo)

    Portrayed by:

  8. Dreams

    Jack Stone

    Portrayed by: 
    David Gene Garrison

  9. A Single Drop of Rain

    Doctor William "Billy" Beaumont

    Portrayed by:
    Ted Baader

  10. Unchained

    Chance Terence Cole

    Portrayed by:
    Mark Kemble

  11. The Play's the Thing

    Joe Thurlow

    Portrayed by
    Will Schaub

  12. Running For Honor

    Thomas "Tommy" H. York

    Portrayed by: 
    Beau Windham

  13. Temptation Eyes

    Dylan Powell

    Portrayed by:
    Harker Wade

  14. The Last Gunfighter

    Tyler Means

    Portrayed by: 
    Paul Bordman

  15. A Song for the Soul


    Portrayed by:
    Tiffany Jameson

  16. Ghost Ship

    Francis Edward ‘Eddie’ Brackett

    Portrayed by: 
    Mark McPherson

  17. Roberto!

    Roberto Gutierrez

    Portrayed by:
    Andrew Roa

  18. It's A Wonderful Leap

    Max Greenman

    Portrayed by:
    Ross Partridge

  19. Moments to Live

    Kyle Hart

    Portrayed by:
    Patrick Lowe

  20. The Curse of Ptah-Hotep

    Dr. Dale Conway

    Portrayed by:
    Rodger LaRue

  21. Stand Up

    Davey Parker

    Portrayed by: 
    Rafe Battiste

  22. A Leap For Lisa

    Ensign Albert Calavicci

    Portrayed by:
    James Walters

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Fifth Season 1993

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald

    Lee Harvey Oswald
    Portrayed by: Himself, in historical photo | Willie Garson, live action

    Clint Hill

    Portrayed by:
    superimposed photo of himself

  2. Leaping of The Shrew

    Nikos Stathatos

    Portrayed by:
    Socrates Alafouzos

  3. Nowhere to Run

    Ronald Miller

    Portrayed by:
    Michael Carpenter

  4. Killin' Time

    Leon Styles

    Portrayed by: Cameron Dye

  5. Star Light, Star Bright

    Maxwell Stoddard

    Portrayed by: Douglas Stark

  6. Evil Leaper I: Deliver Us From Evil

    Jimmy LaMotta
    (Sam's Leapee)

    Portrayed by: Brad Silverman

    Connie LaMotta
    (Alia's Leapee)

    Portrayed by: Laura Harrington

  7. Trilogy Part I: One Little Heart

    Clayton Fuller

    Portrayed by: James Whitmore, Jr.
    Trivia: Whitmore, Jr. also appeared in "8 1/2 Months" and directed several episodes

  8. Trilogy Part II: For Your Love

    Will Gunerson Kinman

    Portrayed by: Travis Fine

  9. Trilogy Part III: The Last Door

    Laurence "Larry" Stanton III

    Portrayed by: W.K. Stratton
    Trivia: Stratton also appeared in "Genesis" and "Goodnight, Dear Heart"

  10. Promised Land

    Willie Walters, Jr.

    Portrayed by: 
    Daniel Engstrom

  11. A Tale of Two Sweeties

    Martin Joseph "Marty" Ellroy, Sr.

    Portrayed by:
    Christopher Hibler
    Trivia: Hibler also directed four episodes of Quantum Leap

  12. Liberation

    Margaret Sanders

    Portrayed by:

  13. Dr. Ruth

    Dr. Ruth Westheimer

    Portrayed by: Herself

  14. Blood Moon

    Lord Nigel Corrington

    Portrayed by:
    Robert MacKenzie
    Trivia: This episode purposely leaves out a mirror image of Lord Corrington due to the vampire theme. The actual leapee was shown, however, as he leaped in to the waiting room at the end of the previous episode, "Dr. Ruth."

  15. Evil Leaper II: Return

    Arnold Watkins
    (Sam's Leapee)

    Portrayed by:
    Tristan Tait

    Dawn Taylor
    (Alia's Leapee)

    Portrayed by: 
    Raquel Krelle

  16. Evil Leaper III: Revenge

    Elizabeth Tate
    (Sam's Leapee)

    Portrayed by:
    Cynthia Steele

    Angela "Angel" Jenson
    (Alia's Leapee)

    Portrayed by: 
    Laura O’Laughlin

    Warden Clifton Meyers
    (Zoe's Leapee)

    Portrayed by:
    Sam Scarber

  17. Good-Bye Norma Jean

    Dennis Boardman

    Portrayed by:
    Stephen Bowers

  18. The Beast Within

    Henry Adams

    Portrayed by:
    Mike Jolly

  19. The Leap Between The States

    Captain John Beckett

    Portrayed by:
    Rob Hyland

  20. Memphis Melody

    Elvis Presley

    Portrayed by: 
    Michael St. Gerard

  21. Mirror Image

    Dr. Sam Beckett

    Portrayed by:
    Scott Bakula

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