"Another Mother"

Leap Date:

September 30, 1981

Episode adopted by: Rose E.


As a mother of a teenager, a preteen, and a toddler, Sam must prevent the kidnapping and disppearance of her son while at the same time managing all the duties of a Mom! To complicate matters, the toddler, Teresa, can see Al and knows that Sam is not her mother.

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This episode has a novel sequel featuring Teresa as a young woman and is Al's Place Bartender's favorite episode!


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Leap Date:
September 30, 1981

Broadcast Date:
January 10, 1990

, AZ 

Name of the Person Leaped Into:
Linda Brookner

"Call me" - Blondie
"Give me the night"-George Benson
"Shake it up"-Cars
"He's so shy"- Pointer Sisters

Al sings song "Inchworm" to Theresa (Originally from the movie "Hans Christian Andersen" who starred and was sung by Danny Kaye) Also featured on Sesame Street which is Theresa's favorite show.

Sam Trivia:
Sam says he was a virgin when he was 16.

Al tells Sam that he knows Judo, Karate, Tae Kwan Do… Sam doesn’t remember who Bruce Lee is.


Al Trivia:
He enjoys the parental experience he is getting with Teresa. When Al was 15 he was getting busted by her parents just as he was about to… Al sings a song about an Inch worm and arithmetic song to Teresa to put her to sleep. Sam says Al was a practicing pervert at age 5. Al tells Sam that if a guy defends a girl’s honor, he likes her. He tests Teresa’s knowledge of dinosaurs, even though Sam says she is a little young for that.


Miscellaneous Trivia:
Al pops in 9 times in this episode. Al uses the imaging chamber once in this episode. The dog in this episode is named Wooky. Sam and Al discover that kids under 5 can see them because they are innocent and pure of heart. Kevin and his friends play Demon and Dragons. Susan is watching Magnum P.I. Kevin wears classic ‘80s clothes, plaid black and white top shirt with a red and black horizontal striped shirt. Teresa’s doll has a band aid on her forehead.


Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:
The first outfit worn by Al in this episode is a light green shirt, emerald green hat, emerald green pants, lime green tie with half circles cut along the edges of the tie. The second outfit worn by Al is a grey suit with a burgundy shirt and a gold tie.

Deborah Pratt

Director: Joseph L. Scanlan

Producers: Harker Wade

Co-Producers: Paul Brown, Jeff Gourson, Chris Ruppenthal


Regular Cast:
Scott Backula, Dean Stockwell


Guest Stars:
Michael Stoyanov (Kevin)
Olivia Burnette (Susan)
Troian Bellisario (Teresa)
Allison Barron (Jackie Arnett)
Andrew Held (Teddy)
Larron Tate (Ox)
Kevin Telles (David)
Erin Welch (Paul)
Terrence Evans (Stick)
Michael Kenmerling (Lemule)
Alina Cenal (Rafaella)
Molly Meeker (Linda Brookner)


Guest Cast Notes:
Michael Stoyanov: was regularly on Blossom. Olivia Burnette was a regular on The Torkelsons and The Torkelsons Almost Home.


Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap Episodes:
Olivia Burnette appeared as Sam’s little sister Katie on The Leap Home Part


Personal Review:
This is my favorite episode of Quantum Leap. Since I was very young when Quantum Leap started I could not remember all the episodes. But over the years that Quantum Leap has not been on, one episode has stuck in my mind, Another Mother. The episode was really good and very powerful.


Best Line:
Kevin: "Mom, How?" Sam: "Girl Scouts. Come on." Kevin: "Girl Scouts? Awesome."


Best Scene:
The best scene is when Sam and Kevin are talking and playing ping pong in the garage, Teresa comes to the door with Wooky. Teresa tells Sam that she and Wooky made a painting. Teresa and Wooky are both covered in splatters of paint.


Worst thing about the episode:
There is nothing bad in this episode. The only bad thing is that Al never went back to see Teresa like he promised he would, in any other episode of Quantum Leap.


Quotable Quotes:

"I’m a mommy."

"That’s not my mommy, that’s a man."

"Uh-oh mom, baby break down."

"What’s wrong with Teresa?" "To much Sesame Street."

"Sending susan is like sending Jaws to get the kids out of the pool."

"I’m to little to wash up for dinner."

"I’m eleven, I don’t have to deal with that teenage mating ritual crap."

"Are you angels?" "Ya." "No. This is angel Sam and I’m angel Al."

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