"Leaping of the Shrew"

Leap Date:

September 27, 1956

Episode Adopted by: Becky


Shipwrecked on an uncharted island, Sam as a Greek seaman must romance the spoiled rich socialite he is stranded with and help her follow her dreams and her heart....to marry him.


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Title: The Leaping of the Shrew

Place: Somewhere in the middle of the Central Aegean Sea

Name of the Person Leaped Into: Nikos Stathatos

Leap Date: September 27, 1956

Broadcast Date: September 29, 1992


Sam Trivia:
Sam’s dad taught him the names of the constellations, when he was a kid. Sam was in Indian guides as a kid. His Indian name was Zeus.


Miscellaneous Trivia:
Al smoked 3 cigars in this episode. This episode has two alternative titles-Washed Away and When Venus Smiles.


Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:
Al’s first outfit is a tan suit with a multicolored shirt and a silver pin. His second outfit is a night robe that is white with blue dots and blue stripes.


Writers: Richard C. Okie and Robin Jill Bernheim

Director: Alan J. Levi

Producers: Robin Jill Bernheim

Regular Cast: Scott Backula, Dean Stockwell

Guest Stars: Brook Shields as Vanessa


Guest Cast Notes:
Brook Shields other acting assets include Suddenly Susan and The Blue Lagoon.


Best Line:

"You’re not David!!!"

"I’m not??"


Best Scene:

When they are eating supper and Sam only has tooth paste and grapes to eat and Vanessa has a whole bunch of food she found herself.


Quotable Quotes:

"Oh go ahead you can just babble on as much as you want, you can even drool, but I know you’re not crazy."


"Actually it’s not so bad."

"Yeah if you’re a seal."

"Look the Japanese practically live off this stuff."

"Yeah well my poodle eats the grass off my daddy’s pooling device, but you don’t see me out there griming."

"I’m sorry, it’s not cherry’s jubilee but it’s the we’ve got so if you wouldn’t mind I’m gonna keep you alive so just sit there, shut up and eat some of this.


"Oh Sam these are busy bunnies they have six kids by the time they get picked up in 1965."


Personal Review:

I think this one is really great. It is even better than The Blue Lagoon and Robinson Crusoe combined. This one is one of the greatest, but so is every Quantum Leap episode.

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