"The Last Gunfighter"

Leap Date:

November 28, 1957

Episode Adopted by: Carol <aka> C_Dean n C_Al
Additional info provided by: Carly Iappini


Welcome to the wild, wild west! Well, maybe not so wild as Sam leaps into an old gunfighter who is spending his retirement days acting out scenes from his youth when he supposedly cleaned up the town. But when his ex-partner returns to town claiming that he was the real hero, Sam has to find a way to keep from going to a showdown and keeping the respect of his grandson and daughter.


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(ep 4.14 / # 67318) 

As Sam leaps in he is holding a gun, standing in the middle of a dirt street. He looks up as he pulls the trigger and the guy on the roof falls off onto a wagon and the horses carry him away. He is left standing there with his mouth wide-open "OH BOY"

Sam is there to keep the family together and to keep Stevie from running away and going to jail.

Al pops in and shows Sam a few pointers on how to handle a gun. He says that standing any more than fifteen to twenty feet apart was normal for gunfighters. Anything further than that was just Hollywood!

Pat Knight accuses Tyler Means of making up or stretching the truth about a gunfight that cleaned up the town. He plans to settle the dispute tomorrow, "at high noon", with one last gunfight.

The town sheriff, Russ doesn’t seem to do too much sheriffing. He just seems to be waiting for something to happen. He says, "Centennial play … kinda curious to see where this is goin’." When Pat Knight shows up and pulls a gun on Sam.

Lucy is the typical mother, trying to raise her son to be somebody. But times are hard and will get a lot harder if Sam doesn’t clinch the TV deal and help Stevie realize that the barrel of a gun doesn’t settle anything.

Stevie tells Sam about himself. He calls him a coward and tries to fix the situation himself.


Place: Coffin, Arizona

Air Date: January 29, 1992

Leap Date: November 28,1957 – Thursday – ‘Thanksgiving Day’ & November 29th - Friday

Leapee: Tyler Means (82)


Personal Review:
I haven’t seen this episode too many times. But every time I watch it I like it better and better. I especially like the beginning where the crowd is standing and watching Sam shoot the guy on the roof. All the kids are dressed for the time period. Really cool, it brings back memories. I can remember going to some ghost town and watching a show something like this. Sam and Al are all decked out in their cowboy duds too.


Show Music & Songs:
~QL~ Music by: Velton Ray Bunch

Flute tunes: "The Good – The Bad - The Ugly"


Best Scene:
Sam has sent Stevie upstairs, you hear the IC door open and Al pops in to tell Sam why he’s there.

AL: "Nice hat!" [Looking him up and down] "Nice … really stylish … awesome … fantastic outfit too." [Scott is grinning from ear to ear] "What happened? Did Tonto and Bill Hickcock have a collision?" [Scott gives Dean the squinty eye look]

SAM: "Very Funny! I happen to be a local hero or something like that!"

AL: "You sure you’re not a walking ad for a fringe company? It’s … ahhh … November 28th nineteen fifty seven and your name … is …"

SAM: "Tyler Means."

AL: "Yah … Tyler … Tyler means … you’re eighty-two years old. You live in … Coffin … Arizona. Isn’t that a nice name. Coffin … this place started out as a robber’s hangout and then it took off …"

SAM: "After they discovered silver in the mid eighteen seventies." [Reading the story from the Readers Digest]

AL: "HEY! You want me to tell you this stuff? Or you wanna read it! All right back then this place was wide open. It was controlled by four vicious gunslingers … by the name of the Cl … Cl … Clagget brothers … anyway … apparently … you … rode in to town with an old gunfighter partner of yours … and the next thing you know …"

SAM: "Got into a shoot out with the Clagget boys."

AL: "Yah! And you saved the town! Then you settled down. You were the BMOC … and all the towns folks … they very amused by your wild stories and your boasting and your bragging and your gambling and your drinking BUT … after a couple of decades of sponging the towns folk kinda get sick of it and your tails get wilder and you become … a local joke … the town drunk … your weaving your tails and mooching drinks.

SAM: "Until I met this … magazine writer."

AL: "Uh-huh" [Puffing on his cigar] … "and Ziggy doesn’t have anything more than that … ‘cause these little towns didn’t keep records … but when something comes up … you’ll be the first to know. Ahhh … in the meantime … Hi Ho Silver … Oy Vey!" [Punching keys on the hand link and steps into the IC door and closes it]


Kiss With History:
"Bonanza" (1959) [TV-Series 1959-1973] this wasn’t even on TV when Sam leaped in 1957.


~OL~ Trivia:
If this is Thanksgiving Day … then where is the TURKEY DINNER? :) lol


Scott Bakula:
"I think it's safer to ask does Dean ever say any of the lines that are in the script. Those would be memorable.

Go ahead - Mr. Funny, Mr. Never can finish a scene with a straight face. Mr. Never says what he's supposed to say to me. Mr. Has to have the last little funny thing on camera. Go ahead!" http://www.thinkage.on.ca/~akilgour/guide/guide.html


Project Trivia:
Al is seen going into and coming out of the IC Door.

The hand link is the ‘Gummy Bear’. Multi-colored little squares that flash, beep and squawk.

Ziggy is called a he in this episode.


Sam Trivia:
Probably forgot he can’t drink … lol … just kidding Sam … :)


Sam’s Best Scene:
Sam walks out onto the street to the shootout. There is little dialog, mostly camera shots of the guns on their hips and the hands with fingers stretching. Sam is wearing Black leather gloves and Pat is not. Sam is decked out in black and looks like a genuine gunfighter. :)


Sam’s Best Lines:
Sam has tripped and fell on the ground and is laughing. He’s been drinking with Pat all night and a tad tipsy. Al is with him, watching and giving him some advice when Stevie comes out of the house.

AL: "Sam … your are going to be a mess in the morning … and probably a dead mess!"

SAM: "Quiet! Nobody’s gonna get killed."

Stevie: "You gonna shot him though, aren’t you?"

SAM: "Stevie! … There’s a hole right there. Watch that hole. … Stevie … this isn’t a game that we’re talkin’ about you know. Know … guns kill people."

Stevie: "You’re not afraid to face him are you?"

SAM: "Afraid of … Yah I’m afraid to face him. Anybody who says they’re not afraid to stand in front of a loaded gun is either crazy or stupid or suicidal or nuts or …"

Stevie: "You can’t back down! Everybody will make fun of us. Ahhh … the kids will go back to teasing me all over again."

SAM: "Oh wait a second … wait a second! Sit down … sit down. Now listen to me. I know this may sound corny to you probably … but … life is precious … you see once you’re dead … you’re dead."

Stevie: "But everybody’s gonna laugh at us. They’ll say you’re … just a drunk."

SAM: "It doesn’t really matter what other people do or say. What matters is what you know in here." [He points to his heart] "About yourself … and about others. ‘Cause the most important person you have to listen to is …YOU! Right?"

Stevie: "Yah … guess so."

SAM: "Well you guess right! So come on … come on give your old grandpa a kiss goodnight."

Stevie: "Goodnight."

SAM: "Okay get some sleep ‘cause its late … I’m sure."

Stevie: "Okie Dokie."

SAM: "Okay … Sleep tight."

AL: "Lotta pride in that boy."

SAM: "Yah well … there’s a lotta pride in Pat Knight, too."

AL: "Ya know Sam, ahhh … it might not be a bad idea for you … to … ahhh … familiarize yourself with … Tyler’s … gun."

SAM: "NO! No don’t you see? There aren’t going to be any gunfights! See … I got it all figured out! … HA! … Listen to this! I’m gonna get him thrown in jail, see? … And that way there … there won’t be any gunfights! NO GUNFIGHTS!"

AL: "NO! You still get killed tomorrow! [Pushing keys on the hand link] "You know it only takes one guy to decide to have a gunfight. In the old west they were really … ambushes." [Now I think Dean added this ambush line]

SAM: "Ambushes?"

AL: "Yah … in the back kind of stuff."

SAM: "Ambushes. I better see if there’s bull s_ _ _ [bleeped] in the house. I don’t know. Ambushes!" [The camera is on Scott’s face close up and you hear the line. Then it suddenly changes to Dean’s face and you can see the side of Scott’s face and he’s smiling or laughing. It’s your call … :) … see ~QL~ Trivia]

AL: "Ambushes. Okay … fine."


Al Trivia:
AL says:

Nada - Zip - Zilch



The scene where Sam is trying to talk Pat out of the gunfight at noon … Dean is looking off into space … what is he thinking of? His next round of golf? His next move in the chess game he’s got going in his trailer? Hummm … :)


Al’s Best Scene:
The morning after Sam has been drinking with Pat Knight and he’s got a hangover.

AL: "Are we in the head pounding stage … or in the spinning rising waves of nausea? … Hummm?"

SAM: "What do you think?"

AL: "That’s impressive."

SAM: "Yah … I just … hope that Pat Knight feels … worse than I do. Oh my gosh! Don’t tell me you were a gunslinger in the Navy?"

AL: "Well… back in the old days they were called gunfighters or pistolarlos or ah… shootists and I… had the best quick draw artist in America teach me."

SAM: "Really?"

AL: "Yes Really! Her name was…"

SAM: "HER …name."

AL: "FeFe Boom-Boom La Rue…"

SAM: "Al!"

AL: "She was a stripper in New Orleans. She had the finest matched pair of …"

SAM: "AL! … Oh!"

AL: "Matched pair of 44 pistols! She had ah … little secret holsters. Real cute! It was part of her act. But she could draw. Let me tell ya … I know … Cause I studied her …"

SAM: "Yah … I bet."

AL: "Very closely."

SAM: "I’ll bet you did!" [Sam’s mouth drops open when Al shows him how it’s done]


Al’s Best Lines:
His One-Liners! :)

(See Quotes)


Al’s Outfits:
1) White suit w/ Red, Black & White print shirt and thin Black tie.

2) White shirt w/black cactus design, Red pants, Camel colored long coat, black scarf tie, cream hat w/black band, and a Black leather gun belt w/ one-pistol & black shoes or boots.


Al’s Women:
FeFe Boom-Boom LaRue a stripper who taught him how to handle a pistol


Miscellaneous Trivia:
Al popped in 3 times

Al smoked 3 cigars

When Lucy comes out of the saloon to see where Sam went, after Al called him outside, she calls him ‘Steve’.


Quotable Quotes:

"What happen? Tonto and Bill Hickcock have a collision?"

"You sure you’re not a walking ad for a fringe company?"

"Ahhh … in the meantime … Hi Ho Silver … Oy Vey!"

"Hey weren’t you in Bonanza? Sam I just saw that guy in Bonanza! He was driving that pair of … pair … pair … now that’s a pair!" [Looking at a woman walking across the street with a low cut dress. Sam has to whistle to get his attention]

"This guy’s killed more men than Clint Eastwood." [Talking about Pat Knight]

"Never waste your breath on anyone dumber than a mule."

Ben Steiner:
"Mr. Means, Mr. Knight has been telling me some very interesting stories."


"Wish I could’ve been here."


"Yah, that way we’d all know what we’re talking about."


"Now listen to me. I know this may sound corny to you probably … but … life is precious … you see … once you’re dead … you’re dead."


Regular Cast:
Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett
Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci
Deborah Pratt as Narrator/Ziggy (voice)


Guest Cast:
John Anderson (I) as Pat Knight

Sean Baca as Stevie

Paul Bordman as Tyler Means (mirror)

Joseph Burke (I) as Otis?

O'Neal Compton as Russ

Susan Isaacs (I) as Lucy

Bonnie Morgan as Cindy

Daniel Osers as Extra (uncredited) - man on steps?

Jerry Potter as Mr. East - Bartender

Kenneth Tigar as Ben Steiner


Executive Producer & Created By: Donald P Bellisario

Theme By: Mike Post

Music By: Velton Ray Bunch

Co-Executive Producer: Deborah Pratt & Michael Zinberg

Supervising Producer: Harker Wade

Produced By: Jeff Gourson, Tommy Thompson, Chris Ruppenthal & Paul Brown

Teleplay By: Sam Rolfe & Chris Ruppenthal

Story By: Sam Rolfe

Written By: Beverly Bridges

Directed By: Joe Napolitano

Director Of Photography: Michael Watkins

Production Designer: Cameron Birnie

Edited By: M. Edward Salier

Unit Production Manager: Ron Grow

Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Art Director: Ellen Dambros Williams

Sound Mixer: Barry D. Thomas

Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth

Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision

Sound Editor: Greg Schorer

Music Editor: Bruce Frazier



Miscellaneous Trivia For Guest Cast:
John Anderson (I) as Pat Knight:

Date of birth: October 20,1922 in Clayton, Illinois, USA

Date of death: August 7,1992 in Sherman Oaks, Ca, USA. (Heart Attack at 69)

John played ‘Holbrook’ in I-Man (1986) (TV) with Scott Bakula (his 1st movie?) as ‘Jeffrey Wilder’, where a guy was in an accident and absorbed some chemical that could regenerate his cells so he could never be hurt or get tired. {IMDb review by Geoffrey Maher}. John was in a slue of guest TV appearances (171) from the Zane Grey Theater (1956) in: Episode in Darkness (ep # 2.7) Nov 15, 1957 to his last movie Bed of Lies (1992) (TV) as: ‘Price Daniel, Sr.’.

Sean Baca as Stevie was in Radio Flyer (1992) as: ‘Fisher’ / *Gas Station Attendant. This is really a GREAT movie !!! Plus 5 other movies. Sean seems to have started his career in 10 eps of The Wonder Years as ‘Craig Hobson’ from Oct 31,'89 to May 16, '90 ... *Now THIS is spooky ... Oct 31 is the 1st day I started taping the ~QL~ eps (2001) and May 16th is a month before my b-day & Fisher is my last name. :) ... Among other sit-coms were Matlock / Sibs / Murphy Brown / Home Improvement.

O'Neal Compton as Russ was born in Sumter, South Carolina on February 5, 1951 and has a home in Venice, CA. *I wonder if it's near Dennis Hopper's house in Venice, Dean's best friend. :) … O'Neal seems to have started late in life, he was 39 in Don't Tell Her It's Me (1990).... as: * ‘Gas Station Attendant’ (... hehehe ... Maybe in-between takes of ~QL~ Sean and O'Neal compared their parts as gas station attendants!) At IMDb there are some cool pics of O'Neal with his dog and on his horse:

Susan Isaacs (I) as Lucy was also in another episode of ~QL~ playing ‘Myra’ in: Heart Of A Champion (ep # 3.20) and 12 different movies and sit-coms ... LOL ... in her bio on IMDb at the end it says, 'Susan is single, Lutheran, and still ovulates'.

Bonnie Morgan as Cindy ... It looks like she started in this ~QL~ episode, her career goes on from there with a 5 year gap ... [Trivia] ... Bonnie is a contortionist, and for her part in MIB 2, she doubled over, and a head like appliance was placed on her behind. Hence the name, ‘Jabba the Butt’ which is her own name for the character.

Daniel Osers as Extra (uncredited) was in Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within (1996) (VG) with Cindy Lee Richter ... (married her and divorced her … no dates This is the only thing she is credited with.) He was born July 25,1970 in Berlin, Germany ... still trying to figure out which one he is ... ??? Was 22 in this ~QL~ ep.

Jerry Potter as Mr. East ... watch and look again ... if its who i think it is ...

Kenneth Tigar as Ben Steiner has both a B.A and a Ph.D. from Harvard University in German Literature, and he spent a year at the University of Göttingen as a Fulbright scholar. Was in Star Trek: Voyager (1995) as: ‘Dammar’ in: Displaced (ep # 3.24) May 7, 1997. IMDb shows he was in 86 guest appearances and 43 movies which 2 of these were Lethal Weapon II & III. Lethal Weapon 1-2-3-4 and Die Hard 1-2-3 [4 is in production] :) are my all time favorites! Well other than DEAN MOVIES of course! ;)

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