"Heart of a Champion"

Leap Date:

July 23, 1955

Episode adopted by: RoseAnn Erks
Additional info provided by: Ron Stewart


When he leaps into half of the "Battling Rooskies" tag team wrestling duo, Sam must find a way to keep his brother from wrestling...or it will result in a heart attack. Meanwhile, the wife of a jealous wrestler tries to seduce Sam.


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Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Name of the Person Leaped Into: Terry Sammis (aka "Nikolai")

Leap Date: July 23, 1955

Broadcast Date: May 8, 1991

Some country music plays in part of the episode

Sam Trivia:
Sam is a doctor and he remembers the problems that can occur from rheumatic fever and all the complications that it can have. Sam knows nothing about wrestling.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
Carl is busy watch the 3 Stooges. The doctor’s exam only consists of checking the blood pressure and listen to his breathing. Al appeared in the episode 8 times. The chamber door opens twice during the episode.

Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:
The first outfit that Al is wearing is a royal blue shirt, black pants, and silver vest with red, pink, blue, white, and black colors mixed in it. The second outfit that Al wears in this episode is a lime green shirt, emerald green hat, and emerald green pants.

Writers: Tommy Thompson

Director: Joe Napolitano

Producers: Chris Ruppenthal

Regular Cast: Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell

Guest Stars:
Jerry Bossard (Ronny Sammis)

Don Hood (Lamar the Promoter)
Deborah Wakeham (Sheri Shilo)
Angela Paton (Lottie Sammis)
Rance Howard (Doctor)
Terry Funk (Carl Shilo)
Susan Isaacs (Myra)
Tim De Zarn (Stan)
Don Dolan (Referee)
Jeff Hochendoner (Terry Sammis)
Jay S. York (Executioner)
John Kidwell (Hank Sammis)

Guest Cast Notes:
Rance Howard played David Sheridan on Babylon 5. He is the father of Ron Howard.

Angela Paton played Harriet Anderson on Falcon Crest and Mrs. Thompson on The Tom Show.

Deborah Wakeham played Joyce Carter on Danger Bay.

Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap Episodes:
Susan Isaacs appeared in the episode The Last Gunfighter as Lucy.

Best Line:
"You know Sam, he’s probably all talk. He’s probably just all talk. Yeah, maybe he’s not all talk Sam. I think I’ll step down."

Best Scene:
The best scene is right before Sam leaps. Carl’s wife is nursing her husband after the match and she is bending over. Sam goes to knock her over but kicking her butt. Sam leaps before he makes contact.

Quotable Quotes:
"He knows how long the matches are going to be before they start? How long and who’s going to win. All except the title matches, then it’s every man for himself."

"Cheer up little brother. At least we won this time."

"The leaping little poster eater."

"To you I’m a doctor, to them I’m a wrestler."

"These are the kind of guys that keep those fishing programs on the air."

"If I want to see violence, I’ll watch the news."

"He’s letting himself in."

"Brain. What brain?"

"I don’t feel really smart right now."


Personal Review:
This episode is an excellent example of people’s view of wrestling in the ‘50s. The wrestling business wanted you to believe that it was real. Later it came out that they wanted to be considered as entertainment. The episode helps people to realize that just because you don’t feel sick, doesn’t mean your not. A simple doctor’s exam may not find out that something is wrong unless they do a more detailed exam. This episode is very entertaining to watch. There are some very humorous parts and some serious parts in this episode. Over all it is an excellent episode of Quantum Leap.

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