2x19 "Leaping In Without A Net"

Leap Date:

November 18, 1958

Episode adopted by: Xeen
Additional info provided by: Brian Greene


As a part of a Hungarian family Arial act, Sam must save his sister from falling to her death when she tries to perform the deadly "triple" trapeze act without a net.


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Production # 65421

TV Guide Synopsis:
Sam leaps into a trapeze artist, and he must prevent his sister from having a fatal fall in a stunt. Eva: Fabiana Udenio. Laszlo: Jan Triska. Vargas: Richard Riehle. Sybil: Roya Megnot. Sam: Scott Bakula.

In and around Denver, Colorado

Leap Date:
November 18, 1958

Victor Panzini, a young Hungarian trapeze artist

Broadcast date:
March 28, 1990 - Wednesday

Germany - March 25, 1992 ("Ohne Netz")
France - M6: airdate October 29th, 1993 ("Un saut sans filet")
UK - Sky One: airdate July 10th, 1996


Synopsis & Review:

Sam leaps in to find himself hanging upside down on a swinging trapeze in a circus big top. A young woman holding onto another trapeze tells Sam not to mess up this time, then swings herself toward him, turning somersaults in the air as she falls toward his outstretched hands. Sam tries to catch her but fails, and she falls into a safety net a few feet above the ground.

It's November 1958, and Sam has leaped into Victor Panzini (Ted Nordblum plays the part of the leapee Victor), a Hungarian trapeze artist working at a small carnival in Iowa with his sister, Eva Panzini (played by Fabiana Udenio), and their father, Laszlo Panzini (Jan Triska). Victor and Eva were practicing their routine when Sam leaped in, and now Eva is upset with Sam for not catching her. However, Sam has a bigger problem, as he suddenly remembers that he is afraid of heights. Eva tells Sam that he is just rusty, and he'll do better next time. Sam isn't so sure. Eva says she dreamed about their mother last night, and she wants to be the first person since their mother to "do the triple".

Laszlo has entered the big top, and angrily tells Eva that she isn't going to do the triple. He shouts at Sam to get down, and Sam lets go of his trapeze, falling awkwardly into the net and drawing a round of laughter from a group of carnival performers who have gathered to watch.

Laszlo shouts at them to get out, and they leave with more laughter. Sam falls from the net to the ground, then stands up to receive a slap from Laszlo. Eva quickly intervenes, and tells Laszlo she asked Sam to help her practice. She claims that she can do the triple, and the Panzinis can be headliners again. Laszlo ignores her, tells the two of them they have a show in an hour, and leaves. Eva tells Sam that she knows it's hard for him to be up there again, but insists that they are going to do the triple, and nothing is going to stop them, not even their father.

Later, Sam is strolling the circus grounds when he meets Big Moe (Phil Fondacaro), the circus' ringmaster and resident little person. Big Moe asks Sam if Eva is going to do the triple, and tells him they can move on to the big cities if she does it. After Big Moe leaves, Sam is joined by Al. Inside Victor's trailer, Al tells Sam that the Panzinis used to be the most famous aerial act in the world, until Victor and Eva's mother, Maria, was killed trying to do the triple. Since then, Laszlo has been restricting the act to simple catches between Eva and himself, and the Panzinis are no longer working in the big time. Sam responds that for the Panzinis, the catches might be simple, but for him they'll be impossible. Just then, Laszlo knocks on the door, telling Sam that they're on in twenty minutes. Sam insists to Al that he can't do it.

Inside the big top, Laszlo and Eva are in their costumes and waiting to go on when Sam arrives wearing his costume. An angry Laszlo tells Sam he doesn't ever want to see him in tights again, and throws a stagehand's jumpsuit at him, clutching his shoulder in pain as he does so. Laszlo and Eva are introduced to the crowd, and Eva starts climbing toward her trapeze. Laszlo tells Sam to hold Eva's ladder as she climbs, then starts ascending a rope to his trapeze. Sam is relieved that he isn't part of the act, but Al arrives with bad news: in two days, Eva is going to try and do the triple, but Laszlo will fail to catch her, and she will die in the fall unless Sam catches her instead.

The next morning, Eva wakes Sam before dawn so the two of them can practice again. She senses Sam's fear, and tells him that he isn't responsible for killing their mother. Sam realizes that Victor was performing as Maria's catcher on the night she died, and concludes that Laszlo now blames him. Eva tells Sam that he is a better catcher than Laszlo since he hurt his shoulder, and she wants him to catch her when she does the triple. Sam tells Eva that he can't go up there again, and Eva leaves to practice on her own.

Back in the big top, Sam and Al are watching Eva practice the triple. Al tells Sam that if he makes contact with Eva but fails to properly catch her, it could make her miss the net entirely. Sam asks if that's how Maria died, but Al tells him that there was no net, because the Panzinis didn't use a net before the accident. Sam still insists that he can't be Eva's catcher, and Al responds that Sam is physically capable of it, but just needs to get over his fear of heights. Eva sees Sam, and tells him she just did the triple four times. Sam responds that practicing without a catcher is dangerous, and tells her he'll be her catcher. Al tells Sam he has an idea about how to help him practice.

Outside the big top, Laszlo happily tells Sam and Eva that the Panzinis have been invited to perform at a major circus in Denver. The other carnival performers are upset to be losing their main attraction, and Big Moe gets into an argument with Laszlo. Laszlo calls Big Moe a dwarf, and Big Moe attacks him with a chokehold. One of the other performers throws a punch at Laszlo, but Sam punches him instead. Another man pulls a knife, but Sam takes him out with a spin kick, which brings a smile to Laszlo's face. Sam pulls Big Moe off of Laszlo's back. After Laszlo and the others leave, Eva reminds Sam that they still have to practice, and tells him she'll see him up there.

Sam is on his trapeze with his eyes clenched shut, and Al tells him to open his eyes and look straight ahead at him, and not to look down. Sam nervously opens his eyes and looks around. Al teaches him how to properly position himself on the trapeze and start a swinging motion. Soon enough, Sam is hanging upside down and swinging through the air, but won't let go of the bar until Al sternly tells him that if he doesn't let go, then Eva will fall. Sam lets go of the bar, and assumes a catching position. He asks Eva to start with a simple straight catch. Eva is disappointed, but obliges. Eva swings herself toward Sam, and he catches her hands at first, but then loses his grip on her with one hand. Hanging above the net, Eva tells Sam to let her go, but Al warns him not to do it. Sam lets go of Eva, who falls into the net. Sam is excited to have awkwardly caught Eva on his first try, but then discovers that Eva has bounced off of the net and is lying in a heap on the ground.

Sam drops into the net, and quickly scrambles down to the ground to check on Eva, who has been knocked out of breath but appears unharmed. Eva wants to keep practicing, but Sam insists that she shouldn't practice with him anymore. He tells her that if she performs tomorrow night in Denver, something terrible is going to happen. He says he knows that Laszlo is going to drop her. Eva responds that nobody knows the future, then has an idea and leads Sam out of the big top with her. Al asks Gushy to send him wherever Eva is taking Sam.

Al appears inside the tent of Sybil (Roya Megnot), the carnival fortune teller. Sybil is seated at a table, and looks around in confusion as Al stands behind her, seeming to sense him. Eva and Sam enter the tent, and Eva accuses Sybil of telling Sam that Eva is going to die doing the triple. Sybil responds that she only told Sam what she saw in his soul, then looks around toward Al again. Al is uneasy, and leaves. Sybil surprises herself by saying that an angel told Sam about Eva's death. Eva asks Sybil to look into her eyes and tell her if she is going to die on the trapeze. Sybil says that she could, but not for a long time, because she sees children in Eva's eyes. Eva is relieved, tells Sam that he was just afraid for her, and leaves. Sybil tells Sam that Eva won't die as long as he catches her, then stares into his eyes with wonder. She tells him that she's never noticed before how many times he's been reincarnated, and she can see a lot of souls in his eyes.

Inspired by Sybil's words, Sam climbs up to the trapeze again, determined to overcome his fear of heights and catch Eva. Al reappears, and tells Sam he's proud of him. Sam assumes a catching position, and Al says he's doing great.

Laszlo is in his trailer alone, talking to Maria. He says that his son should be catching Eva instead of him, but he's not sure if he can trust him, or if he can forgive him. He tells Maria that he was proud of his son for the way he fought the other men today, like a true Hungarian. He says that maybe it's time to give his son another chance, and it would be good to smile and hug him again.

Al is teaching Sam how to properly catch someone, when Eva enters the big top and starts climbing toward her trapeze. Eva wants to start with a double, but Sam tells her to start with a single. Eva agrees, and swings toward Sam. Releasing from her trapeze, Eva performs a double somersault, and Sam successfully catches her. She tells him that the Flying Panzinis don't do singles. Laszlo has entered the big top, and watches the two of them from the ground. Eva moves to a higher starting position, and Al explains to Sam that she needs more height to practice the triple. Eva attempts a triple, and Sam fails to catch her. She falls into the net, almost being thrown onto the ground again. Laszlo brings her safely down from the edge of the net, and angrily shouts up at Sam, asking him if he's trying to kill his sister too.

Sam, Laszlo and Eva are on the road and headed to Denver with their trailers. Behind the wheel of his car, Sam tells Al that Laszlo has a torn rotator cuff, and Al guesses that that's what causes him to drop Eva. Sam says that he can't catch Eva, but Al tells him that he made the mistake of reaching for Eva when she practiced the triple, and assures him that he'll catch her as long as he doesn't reach.

The Panzinis arrive at the circus in Denver, and are greeted by Clifford Vargas (Richard Riehle), the circus owner. Clifford shows them a poster advertising the Panzinis' return, and the poster says Eva is going to perform the triple. Laszlo tells Clifford that they don't do the triple, and Eva confesses that she sent Clifford a letter in Laszlo's name. She tells Laszlo that she and Sam will do the triple, and that the Panzinis haven't had a proper act since Maria died. Laszlo reluctantly agrees to let Eva do the triple, and she hugs him. Laszlo says that he will catch Eva, but Sam refuses because of Laszlo's injury. He tells Laszlo that the same pride that got Maria killed will cause him to try and perform when he shouldn't, and this time it will kill Eva. Laszlo tries to slap Sam, but Sam grabs his arm and prevents it. Laszlo winces in pain, then backs down and walks away without a word.

The night of the performance has arrived, and the ringmaster introduces the Panzinis to the crowd. Sam is sitting on his trapeze, a bundle of nerves as Al watches from close by. Eva waves to the crowd as they are introduced. Laszlo enters the big top to watch from the crowd. The ringmaster announces to the crowd that Eva will perform the triple the same way her mother did on the night of her death - without a safety net. The crowd gasps, and Sam looks down in shock as the net beneath them is taken down. Al admits that he didn't tell Sam about the net not being used because Sam wouldn't have agreed to catch Eva if he knew about it. He tells Sam that if he doesn't catch Eva, then Laszlo will drop her. The ringmaster asks the crowd for their complete silence as Sam starts swinging.

Sam assumes the catching position, and Laszlo stares up intently as Eva gets ready to jump. Al watches nervously from the ground as Eva starts swinging on her trapeze. Sam swings toward her, and Eva leaps from her trapeze, turning three somersaults before falling toward Sam's outstretched hands. Sam catches her successfully, and the crowd bursts into applause, Laszlo included. The net is put back up so Eva can drop safely. Sam follows her down, and Al lets out a heavy sigh of relief. On the ground, Eva runs over to Laszlo and hugs him. Sam wonders why he hasn't leaped yet. Laszlo comes over with Eva, and tells Sam that he didn't wave to the crowd, and that he better not forget next time. Sam says he won't, and Laszlo hugs him. As Eva looks at the two of them and smiles, and the crowd continues to applaud, Sam leaps. Source

"Tequila" by The Champs (it was number one hit in the US for 6 weeks in March April 1958 and favorite song to Al) - was also used in "All-Americans"

"Cuando La Gusta" by Carmen Miranda (Sam will sing later it in "Miss Deep South")

Project Trivia:
Gooshie/Ziggy can focus Al's hologram in any space surrounding Sam, arranging for him to float in the air next to Sam on the trapeze. We saw something similar in "Honeymoon Express".

Sam Trivia:
Sam sleeps naked. 

He is acrophobic (fear of heights) since he played Tarzan with his brother Tom when he was 9 after they saw the movie.

When he was a boy, Sam liked the circus because of the clowns and above all, the elephants!

Sam does not believe in horoscope and fortune cards. However, the fortune teller senses that Sam has had multiple lives.

Al Trivia:
At the orphanage, he had a roach - whose name was Kevin - as a pet. 

Al joined the circus for some time after he ran away from the orphanage. 

The fortune teller can sense Al's presence.

Al speaks a small amount of Hungarian.

Al's Outfits:
Black suit with white-stripped lining showing on the sleeves, light purple shirt and purple, green and black tie, and a blue hat.

Black shirt with white patterns and reddish flowers, black tie, silver suspenders, dark grey pants and red shoes.

Black shirt with big white and red dots, white pants. 

Al's Women:
One of Al's wives was a Hungarian (second or third).

Miscellaneous Trivia:
There are stock shots of the Circus Vargas at the end of the show.

The circus shots were filmed on the largest stage on the Universal Stodios property.

This was Tommy Thompson's first credit to the show. He was brought onto the set of Jimmy by John D'Aquino as a guest and met everyone. Bellisario then asked him to pitch an episode. He came up with The Flying Panzini's on the spot, and went on to write 13 episodes for the series! He also produced most of seasons four and five. Tommy Thompson (born Sep. 7, 1957) got his start writing for episodes of series such as Out of This World and B.L. Stryker. In 1992, he wrote episodes of a short-lived series called Tequila & Bonneti for his QL boss Donald P. Bellisario. After Quantum Leap went off the air, he wrote episodes of The Pretender, which shared some story similarities to QL, as well as episodes of SeaQuest DSV, Viper, Dark Angel and Odyssey 5. Tommy took over the Executive Producer role on The Dead Zone after Michael Piller’s death. His most recent TV writing credit is for Kyle XY in 2007.

Tommy is a writer and Co-Executive  Producer for Quantum Leap.
Writer of the Quantum Leap episodes:

Leaping In Without A Net (episode)
Leap of Faith (episode) (story and teleplay)
Miss Deep South (episode)
Future Boy (episode)
Southern Comforts (episode)
Heart of A Champion (episode)
Play Ball (episode)
Moments To Live (episode)
Nowhere To Run (episode)
Killin’ Time (episode)
Deliver Us From Evil (episode)
Promised Land (episode)
Blood Moon (episode)
The Beast Within (episode) (uncredited)

Including this one, there are only 10 episodes of QUANTUM LEAP with the word LEAP in the title.

Scott Bakula got motion sickness hanging upside down on the trapeze. He used acupressure needles in his ears to help with this. His stunt double also got sick!

The writers may have had Carol "the 3rd Man" Reed film "Trapeze" in mind when they wrote that script: the hero once fell, when performing a triple.

Character Trivia:
Sybil, the fortune teller, sees in Sam's eyes the souls she assumes to belong to Victor from his previous lives. She can feel Al's presence and believes he is an angel.

In his trailer, Victor has a poster in French, advertising The Flying Panzini: "La famille Panzini, les acrobates les plus fameux et les plus acclamés du monde entier". In his father's, there is another one probably in Spanish (?).

Eva and Victor's mother, Maria, died in a trapeze accident the year before in Chicago. She was sick at that time and suffer from dizziness due to an ear condition. Anniversary of her death would be a week from the leap (on Thursday next).


Kiss with history:

On November 1956, Soviet tanks invaded Budapest to restore (communist) order and 30,000 people died in the process. The Flying Panzini escaped Hungary at that time.

Regular Cast:
Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett
Dean Stockwell as Al, the observer

Guest Stars:

Jan Triska as Laszlo Panzini
Fabiana Udenio as Eva Panzini
Ted Nordblum as Victor Panzini (Mirror image)
Richard Riehle as Clifford Vargas
Phil Fondacaro as Big Moe
Roya Megnot as Sybil
Jan Eddy as Benny Skyler
Kristopher Kyer (as Kristopher Antekeier) as Ringmaster
Vivian Paxton as Alvira
Maria Lauren as Carmenina

Guest Cast Notes:

Jan Triska as Laszlo Panzini: Jan Tríska was born on November 4, 1936 in Prague, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic]. He was an actor, known for Ronin (1998), Apt Pupil (1998) and The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996). He was married to Karla Chadimová. He died on September 25, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Fabiana Udenio as Eva Panzini: Though born in Argentina, Fabiana Udenio grew up in Italy and at the age of 14 was crowned Miss Teen Italy. She began her professional acting career that same year. She has worked as a character actress for more than 20 years, often playing the foreign beauty, whether it be Italian, Brazilian or Ukrainian. She has worked extensively in film and television with starring roles in such movies as Summer School (1987) and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) and recurring roles in series such as Mad About You (1992). Babylon 5 (1994) and The Magnificent Seven (1998). She starred alongside C. Thomas Howell and Carol Alt in the syndicated series Amazon (1999) and guest-starred in dozens of television shows, including Cheers (1982), NYPD Blue (1993) and Baywatch (1989).

Ted Nordblum as Victor Panzini (Mirror image):Ted Nordblum is known for X2 - Wolverine's Revenge (2003), Quantum Leap (1989) and K-11 (2012). Has his own line of kids sportswear called Radical Xpressions. Is a 3rd degree black belt in Kobudo (Okinawan Weaponry). Is a 3rd degree black belt in Serrada Escrima (Stick Fighting).Is a 4th degree black belt in American Tang Soo Do under Pat E. Johnson's National Tang Soo Do Congress.

Richard Riehle as Clifford Vargas: Richard Riehle was born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, to Mary Margaret (Walsh), a nurse, and Herbert John Riehle, an assistant postmaster. He is of German and Irish descent. Richard attended the University of Notre Dame, where he became heavily involved with the University Theatre. Appearing in such productions as "Luther", "Antigone", "Rhinoceros", "Romeo and Juliet", and "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying", he also took on the task of stage manager on many of these productions, and it was not unusual to find him helping to build the sets or manage the costumes during this period. Graduating with a B.A. (cum laude) in 1970, Richard traveled to Salzburg and Innsbruck to study German, a language in which he is fluent. Progressing to Academy of Dramatic Art in Rochester, Michigan, Richard has had extensive experience as a stage actor, as well as teaching acting, and made his Broadway debut in 1986 with "Execution of Justice". One of his major triumphs in the theatre has been alongside Kevin Spacey in the acclaimed 1999 revival of O'Neill's "The Iceman Cometh", in which he played the drunken, corrupt ex-cop Pat McGloin. Brief appearances in Rooster Cogburn, The Duchess and Dirtwater Fox, Joy Ride, and Twice in a Lifetime, as well as in such TV fare as Escape From Hell (1977), Joe Kennedy: The Forgotten Kennedy (1977), and the NBC series "Hot Pursuit" (1984) have disguised an expanding repertory theatre portfolio. Richard has also contributed to such diverse undertakings as Bay Area Radio's Eugene O'Neill Project (playing Smithers to Joe Morton's Brutis Jones in "The Emperor Jones") and the Adams-Jefferson Project of Carleton College, participating in a series of recordings of the correspondence between the two US Presidents. To this day, Richard has maintained his involvement in theatre workshops and encouraging the dramatic arts under the auspices of the Mark Taper Forum and A.S.K. However, since his scene-stealing cameo as the Quartermaster in 1989's Glory, with his trademark bushy mustache and heavyset frame, Richard has acquitted himself as one of the best, and busiest, character players on TV and in the movies.

Phil Fondacaro as Big Moe: Phil Fondacaro started his career in 1981 when a casting call went out for "little people" for the feature film Under the Rainbow (1981). This was the beginning of a career that is still going strong to this day. From that time he has worked in every genre. including drama, comedy, horror and animation. Phil has worked in films with directors such as Robert Zemeckis (The Polar Express (2004)), Ron Howard (Willow (1988), in which he played Vohnkar) and George Lucas (Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983), in which he played an Ewok - the only Ewok who died on screen). Phil's feature films include many in the horror genre, such as Troll (1986), Ghoulies II (1987), Bordello of Blood (1996), Blood Dolls (1999), Meridian (1990) and his collaboration with George A. Romero in Land of the Dead (2005). He also starred opposite Verne Troyer in a short film, Bit Players (2000), which premiered at Sundance and was directed by Andy Berman. Phil's television credits included a recurring role in Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996) as Roland. His TV work also includes some other memorable performances where he guest-starred in shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), and had an amazing role in Touched by an Angel (1994). Phil Fondacaro stands 3' 6" tall and lives by the quote, "It is not the size of the man in the fight, but the size of the fight in the man".

Roya Megnot as Sybil: Roya Megnot was born on May 29, 1962 in Southfield, Michigan, USA. She was an actress, known for Loving (1983), Quantum Leap (1989) and MacGyver (1985). She was married to Joel. She died on May 10, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

Jan Eddy as Benny Skyler: Jan Eddy was born on September 23, 1951 in Marshalltown, Iowa, USA. He was an actor, known for The One (2001), JAG (1995) and Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie (1995). He was married to Patricia Buchan. He died on December 17, 2015 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Kristopher Kyer (as Kristopher Antekeier) as Ringmaster: Kristopher Kyer was born in Muskegon Michigan. His career spans over three decades as an actor, performer, teacher, singer and director in every medium of the entertainment industry. For nearly two decades in Burbank, he was the director/owner of The Kyer Workshop for Actors. Thousands of young actors began their careers and studied under Kristopher to have successful careers in film, stage, and television. He was the on-set acting coach for ABC-TV's Boy Meets World; Maybe this Time; and Grace Under Fire; the Bruce Willis feature film Hostage; and for Jessica Simpson in episodes of TV's That 70's Show. As an actor Mr. Kyer has appeared in several commercials, most notably as the "Scarecrow" for the White Lily Cornmeal commercials which ran for years throughout the South. Kristopher Kyer has had co-starring roles on TV's Seinfeld; Boy Meets World; USA High; Linc's and Quantum Leap and featured roles in films H.E.A.L.T.H. and Trancers II and was the Dick Van Dyke-alike in the Disney film Saving Mr. Banks. He was the starring role of Mr. Buckethead in the syndicated TV series Barnyard Place. Additionally as a performer he performed his one man cabaret show on several cruise lines; a singer at Walt Disney World (Original cast Broadway at the Top Contemporary Hotel) and Disneyland Circus Fantasy; 5 years in live shows at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio; Off-Broadway in the original cast of Showing Off; regional theaters throughout the US.; and was featured as the "Dick Van Dyke-alike" in a recent commercial for the DVLA car tax in England flying the actual "Chitty" car from the feature film. Most recently on stage he was Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka ; and Harold Hill in The Music Man at the Simi Cultural Arts Center in Los Angeles; Captain Hook in Peter Pan for the Tustin Light Opera as well as many more productions throughout the US in regional theaters. Mr. Kyer has the distinct honor of being the youngest Ringmaster and only the 27th in the history of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. He is the author of the autobiography Ringmaster! My year on the road with the Greatest Show on Earth (E. P. Dutton) He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG); Actors Equity Association, and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Vivian Paxton as Alvira: Vivian Paxton is known for Quantum Leap (1989), Hunter (1984) and Murphy Brown (1988).

Maria Lauren as Carmenin: Maria Lauren is known for Quantum Leap (1989), Knight Rider (1982) and American Idol (2002).

Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap episodes:
Richard Riehle (Vargas) played "Lt. Lannon" in  "Play It Again, Seymour".

Jan Eddy (Benny) played "Whittler" in "Glitter Rock".

Maria Lauren (Carmemina) played Anita in "Catch a Falling Star".

Natasha Pavlovich auditioned for the role of Eva, but was later in "Lee
Harvey Oswald

Say What?
Sam is afraid of heights, but seemed to do just fine earlier in "What Price Gloria?" on the building ledge.

While Sam swings on the trapeze, his motion makes the smoke from Al's cigar move.

The bar that Eva swings from disappears as she performs the double.

When Eva swings to perform the triple in the slow motion shot, you can easily see her stunt-doubles' face.

Quotable Quotes:
Al - "You know, sometimes you take out all the fun of being a hologram!"

Al - "Am I ever wrong? ... Marriages don't count!"

Sam - "Al, you're floating in thin air!"
Al - "I'm a hologram, I am thin air!"

Al - "Here we go! Now let go of the bar!"
Sam - "I can't!"
Al - "What are you, a wimp?"
Sam - "Yes!"

Sam - "Did you know about this?"
Al - "Would you have gone through with this if I had?"
Sam - "No!"
Al - "Yeah, well, then I didn't know!"

Sam - "I don't think I could do that again!"
Al - "Well, sometimes once is enough! But personally, that's not my opinion!"

Al-  You grew up on a farm, I grew up in an orphanage. You had a mother and father, I had a probation officer. You had a cow, I had a - roach... unfortunately the boy in the next bed had a pet lizard. I'll never forget him. His name was Kevin.
Sam - The kid in the next bed?
Al - No, the roach.

I never noticed before how many times you've been reincarnated!
I don't believe in reincarnation.
You would if you could see all the souls I see in your eyes.
-- Sybil and "Victor", "Leaping in Without a Net"

Well, sometimes once is enough ... but personally that's not my opinion.
-- Al, "Leaping in Without a Net"

Are you kidding? How long have we known each other?
I don't remember.
Aw, Sam! Even with a swiss-cheesed memory that hurts!
-- Al and Sam, "Leaping In Without a Net"

It's gonna be a hell of a lot easier for you to catch her if you open your eyes.
-- Al, "Leaping in Without a Net"

Eva? Oh Eva, that's your younger sister, she's 18, she's beautiful - I wonder where she is.
-- Al, "Leaping In Without A Net"

Best Lines:
Al - "Sam, it's gonna be a hell of a lot easier for you to catch her if you open your eyes!"
Sam - "Is that you, Al?"
Al - "No, it's Peter Pan!"

Production Credits:

Music by: Mike Post
Supervising Producer: Deborah Pratt
Co-producers: Paul  Brown, Jeff Gourson, Chris Ruppenthal
Produced by: Harker Wade
Created by: Donald P. Bellisario
Written By: 
Tommy Thompson
Directed by:  Christopher T. Welch

Executive Producer: Donald P. Bellisario
Associate Producers: David Bellisario
Story Editor: Randy Holland
Story Editor: Tommy Thompson
Director of Photography: Eric D. Andersen
Production Designer: Cameron Birnie
Edited by: N. Mario Di Gregorio
Unit Production Manager: Ron Grow
First Assistant Director: Paul Sirmons
Second Assistant Director: Rob Mendel
Casting by: Ellen Lubin Sanitsky
Set Director: Robert L. Zilliox
Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Costume Supervisors: David Rawley & Donna Roberts-Orme
Additional Photography by: Michael Watkins
Sound Mixer: Mark Hopkins McNabb
Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth
Contributing Musical Composers: Velton Ray Bunch and Jerry Grant
Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Clay
Music Editor: Tom Gleason

Some locations furnished by: Circus Vargas

Panaflex ®  Camera and Lenses by: Panavision ®

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Copyright © 1990 by Universal City Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Bellisarius Productions and Universal, an MCA Company


In the twenty-seventh installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast, Albie and Heather discuss season two, episode nineteen “Leaping In Without A Net”. There are first impressions, an episode recap, thoughts and opinions, listener feedback, and a amazing interview with Tommy Thompson, the writer of many Quantum Leap episodes including Leaping In Without A Net, and the series’ Co-Executive Producer. The first episode of the original audio drama Quantum Leap: The Impossible Dream, Need You Now: Part 1. Also an article from Hayden McQueenie about Quantum leap crossovers.

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