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Welcome to the
Quantum Leap Radio Files
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Update 4/8/2007:

A New Audio from The Quantum Retribution Files is now available for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy! 



If you would like to be a part of an audio, 

please contact M. J. Cogburn at  

if you are interested in participating. 

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The Quantum Leap Radio Files are now open to all audio production companies! Companies may contact the webmaster for information on how to submit your Quantum Leap productions.

Information on our current production companies can be found on the Contact page. Please check back each week for updates and news or join the Al's Place online forum and newsletter mailing list for instant updates!

Those interested in working on a production may contact the webmaster for information. This is a free site and there is no charge for our services. We don't pay you, either. It's all for fun and entertainment!

Retribution Files

Released 2/4/07

New Audio Released


Gifts, Small
and Temporary
(A Christmas Tale)

Released 12/23/2004

Devil's Due
Released 03/02/2004

The Impossible Dream
Released 02/11/2004

The Calavicci Catfight
Released 09/05/2003

Miracles of Love

Released 01/29/2003

The Calavicci Journals
Released 01/23/2003


Quanta Dimensional Leap: Into the Night
Released 11/20/2002

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