Past Updates


Updates and additions
made to this fan site:




    • Al's Place now has a channel on YouTube! Except where copyright protected, all videos have been linked into YouTube to make it even easier to watch the hours and hours of footage we have collected over the last 20 years. 


    • Al's Place has been updated with the removal of dead links, removal of the old winzip utility files & replaced with direct links, and spruced up for the first time since 2018. We hope you enjoy easier downloads on your devices of our hundreds of sound and video files. Many pages have been updated and made more revelant to todays tech. All flash elements have been removed since they no longer function. 
    • The Novels and Comics sections have been revamped with high-resolution NEW scans of every comic book and novel!

2-20-2018 Source: Movie Nights

    • Jean-Pierre Dorleac, the designer of many costumes for the series has given us a rare treat! Thanks to Movie Nights for passing this along! Watch a video from the 1992 Quantum Leap Convention featuring his fashion show - over 40 minutes long! Check it out here!


    • Newly discovered images from the alternate ending of Quantum Leap (at the bottom of the page) here!










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