*An added note by the Bartender: During the original recording of this episode the screen went fuzzy a couple of times messing up the feed. When I was making the guide file for this episode, my computer crashed 3 times. This is typical of the mysterious things that happen when dealing with this episode. In turn, I have not spelled out the name of this episode or any sound or picture file to prevent further incidents. View this episode at your own risk! See the FAQ for more info.



























































































































































































































"The Boogiem*n"

Leap Date:

October 31, 1964

Episode adopted by: Carol <aka> C_DEAN n C_AL


Sam leaps into a horror novelist surrounded by death and mystery. Al and Ziggy don't seem to be able to predict what will happen and Sam is running out of suspects. Is this part of someone's book... or someone's nightmare?


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~ Boogiem*n ~
(ep 3.5 / #65410) 


This is a very perplexing leap. Sam is supposed to leap to save people, but instead people are dropping like flies!!! In the first 15 minutes 2 people die.

There is this goat that Sam keeps seeing and no one else sees it. As Sam is getting acquainted with his character, he says to himself as he walks upstairs, "Unbelievable! I’ve leaped into the Adams Family."

Al is acting really strange also, using words like "Hinkey" and "Zippo" … which are just not in his vocabulary. He calls Sam a Scientist and really he’s a Quantum Physicist. He keeps coming up with scenarios and Sam just ain’t buying it!

Sheriff Ben Masters suspects Sam sneaking around Mary’s house, trying to cover up evidence. But Sam turns the tables on him and tells him that Sheriff’s need lawyers too!

Mary is accusing Josh of calling her a demented psychopath and has an epileptic fit and ends up in the hospital. Sam rushes to her side to comfort her and tells her he will make up for the confusion on their honeymoon.



Coventry, Maine


Air Date:

October 26, 1990


Leap Date:

October 31, 1964 - Saturday



Joshua Rae


Personal Review:

I especially like this episode because Stephen King is so "IN YOUR FACE"!!! … And next to QL … King is one of my favorites J … you get: Writing a scary book - Carrie – Christine – Cujo … but my favorite King movie is The Langoliers, which Dean was in. J I love how when Sam and Al enter the house at 966 Salem Ave and the nine flips over. Al says, "Well … what are you waiting for?" Sam says, "Ah … Women and Holograms first …" LOL … I have to admit the ending was a total surprise the first time I watched it.


*** SPOILER ***

If you wish to watch this episode and don’t want to know how it ends DON’T read the Best Al and Sam Scene.

My computer mysteriously re-started all by itself one time while typing this up. Luckily word saves automatically so I didn’t loose any data.


Show Music & Songs:

~QL~ Music by: Velton Ray Bunch … "spooky music"


Kiss With History:

Stephen King Movies that were made reference to:

"Carrie" w/ the flying (knives) things through the air 1976

"Christine" w/ the Red Plymouth Fury 1983 which Sam drove

"Cujo" w/ St Bernard 1983 that was in the car as Stevie drove away

*The Langoliers* 1995 not made reference to but written by Stephen King, Dean Stockwell was in this movie as well.

<>King is called the "Master of Horror". His books have been translated into 33 different languages, published in over 35 different countries. There are over 300 million copies of his novels in publication.

<>Stephen King personal quotes:

"I’ve killed enough of the world’s trees."

"I’m a salami writer. I try to write good salami, but salami is salami."


QL ~ Trivia:

A Question that was asked at: http://www.finifter.com/quantum-leap/information/faql.html#mark33

30. So what’s the story with that episode titled "The B**giem*n" and why do Leapers refuse to mention it by name?

[Episode title edited for net.safety] This episode first aired near Halloween 1990, and from the first time it aired, weird events have been associated with this episode. As an example, this episode seems to have the highest incidence of VCR / cable / local station failure than any other episode aired. There have been numerous reports of VCR’s cutting out during the taping of this episode, local station and cable companies dropping their signal. Even mentioning it by name is hazardous, as one net. Leaper can attest. He lost his job AND his net. access. Its mention has been known to cause power failures and auto breakdowns, so it’s best to just refer to it as "The Halloween Episode" (episode #3.5). Leapers everywhere will know of what you speak. By the way, cameras and recording equipment also tend to act strangely around Chris Ruppenthal, the writer of this episode. Since it aired, his nickname has been "Ruppenboogie". He_is_ kind enough not to say the title of the episode around the fans, though director Joe Napolitano does. Mention of all this merely causes Chris to laugh evilly.

As long as we’re on the subject of Chris, Joe and weirdness, let’s note that the episode "The Curse of Pt*h-H*tep (episode #4.20 … CJF says … which I call "King Heebie-Jeebie" thanks to DS) appears to cause earthquakes in Southern California – the large quakes of April and June 1992 coincided with the two showings of this episode. Pretty scary, huh, kids?

Al popped in 5 times.

Al smoked 3 cigars.

My computer crashed 1 time.


Project Trivia:

The IC door is not seen or heard until the real Al finally arrives near the end of the episode.

The hand link is the "Gummy Bear" one … multi-colored flashing cubes of light ... this is seen before the actual introduction of it

Sam and Al call Ziggy a he in this episode.


Sam Trivia and Best Line:

Sam remembers Halloween as a kid, while walking from the car and to the front door, you hear him narrating this thought:

"When I was growing up Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays. Trick or treat we use to say. Of course back then we always expected a treat and if we did play a trick, it was always funny and harmless. But tonight there were no treats … there were no tricks … there was only death."


Al and Sam’s Best Scene:

Sam has just come back home from another accident and walks into the house,

Sam whispers, "Mary?"

Mary says, "Josh?"

Sam says, "Mary, Ben is dead."

Mary says, "No he isn’t, he’s in the kitchen."

Ben says, "Well, it’s about time."

Sam walks over to Ben and he raises his arm and Sam grabs it. Ben emits a red light and turns into the Al we have been seeing.

Other Al says, "Bahhh …"

Sam says, "Mary run!" All the locks on the door bolt themselves and you hear all the windows shut and lock. "Advanced psycho kinesis?"

Other Al says, "Maybe … maybe not."

Sam says, "Mary … she was never in danger?"

Other Al says, "She is now."

Sam says, "And Tully and the others?"

Other Al says, "The fun part was that it was a pattern … that seemed to add up but it didn’t."

Sam says, "But it did …you quoted Tully’s line to me about … ‘Them that dance with the devil …’ I never told you that. And you never walked through anything in this leap or used the imaging chamber door. And when we were upstairs, and you left to find Mary, you disappeared with out using your hand link to Ziggy. But most important, you were the only other person around when Dorothy and Tully died."

Other Al says, "Personally my favorite part was watching your face when you read the messages in the typewriter!" Laughs evilly. "That was priceless! You know how this story’s going to end … don’t you?"

Sam says, "I know how you want it to."

Other Al says, "Yes, I believe you do."

At that moment the real Al appears from the imaging chamber door and says, "Gee Sam … I’m sorry I’m late. But somethin’ was goofin’ Ziggy all up and …" As he looks around he sees the other Al, "Oh Sam … This is not good!"

Sam says, "No it isn’t"

Al says, " Oh Sam … Ahhh … you … Ahhh … better get outta here! QUICK! QUICK!"

Sam says, "I can’t Al. He’s locked us in. He’s already killed 3 people and he intends to kill us."

Other Al says, "Something long overdue."

Al says, " Ahhh, Sam Ahhh … Ziggy … says that there’s … defiantly something there."

Other Al says, "That’s more than I can say for you!" As he looks at the real Al and he raises his eyebrows and bugs out his eyes, looking at the other Al.

Mary says, "Who are you?" As she stands behind the curtain watching and listening to everything.

Other Al says, "Ying and Yang … Good and Bad … God …"

Sam says, "And the Devil …"

Other Al says, "In the flesh so to speak." Laughs evilly.

Mary says, "This isn’t possible!"

Sam says, "Come on Al … tell me he’s not real!"

Al says, "Ahhh … oh … Ahhh … He’s real Sam. Oh Sam he’s very real!"

Mary says, "What is happening?"

Sam says, "Why are you doing this?"


Sam says, "Just trying to get home."

Other Al says, "Well your not going to make it!" Laughs evilly and grabs Sam at the throat and starts to choke him.

Al yells, " SAM! If you can touch him you can hurt him! SAM! SAM!"

The clock strikes midnight, the candlesticks rattle on the table, the piano starts playing and they start turning around in a circle as Sam grabs his neck

Al yells, " Hang in there Sam! Hang in there!"

They each have a hold of each others neck and the spinning is faster, things are breaking, drawers are flying out of the cabinet and the faces are changing. Tully to Dorothy to the sheriff, with a bloody face, to the goat to Mary, with a ‘Don’t do this’ look on her face.


The clock strikes one minute past 12 and the face is the other Al and they both let go and Sam falls to the floor.

Mary says, "JOSH! … Josh, are you okay?"

Sam says, "OHHHHH!" As he comes to and crawls away from Mary and Stevie, looking at them in horror.

Mary says, "Josh! What’s the matter?"

Sam says, "Nothing … I’m … I’m fine. Sort of …"

Mary says, "Thank God! You scared me for a minute!"

Al says, " You had me scared too, Sam. We completely lost you there for a couple of minutes! What happened?"

Sam reaches out his hand and puts it through Al’s chest. Al looks down and gives him a quizzical look. You hear chimes as Sam puts his hand through Al.

Sam takes a breath and says, "For a while … [Scott says they instead of there] were … two of you and one of you was trying to kill me."

Al & Mary say in unison, "TRYING TO KILL YOU?"

Stevie says, "Cool! What a neat idea!"

Al says, "You musta been dreamin’. You’re name is ahhh … Joshua Rae, you’re a second rate horror novelist and you’re here to save a person named … Tully Ma … Tully Ma …"

You hear hammering upstairs and Sam jumps up to his feet and runs up the stairs.

Mary says, "Josh!"

Everyone follows him up the stairs.

Sam yells, "TULLY!" He lunges his arms out the window just in time to catch him from falling.

Al says, "SAM! Sam this is incredible! You knew what to do before I even told you!"

Tully says, "Thank you Mr. Rae! You really saved my neck."

Sam says, "Yah … I guess I did didn’t I."

Stevie says, "Glad you’re okay! Oh God, look at the time, its almost 12:15! I gotta scram! I still gotta peel those bowl grapes for the eyeballs!"

Sam says, "Al! It was the goat!"

Al says, "I don’t see any goat."

Outside on the front steps everyone comes out the door as Al punches the keys on the hand link. Stevie comes out first and looks right at Dean. Next Mary comes out and then Sam.

Mary says, "What else did I do while you were unconscious?"

Sam says, "Ahhh … well … you got angry at me and made a skull fly across the room."

Mary Giggles

Sam says, "Course it could have been worse could’ve been kitchen knives."

Stevie says, "Boy! What a neat idea!"

You hear a car pull up, honk and a dog bark.

Mary says, "Hi Mrs. King!"

Stevie says, "Hi Mom!"

Sam says, "Stevie?"

Sam looks at Al and Al looks at the hand link.

Al says, "King."

They both look at each other as Dean gives Scott that ‘I told you so look’.

Stevie says, "Hey Cujo!"

Sam says, "Kitchen knives, Christine … OMG I just him …"

Mary says, "What?"

Al says, "Bye-Bye Sam."

Sam begins his new leap.


Al’s Best Lines:

The other Al appears behind Sam and startles him and says, "Them that dance with the devil are bound to get scorched."

Sam says, "AL!"

Al says, "Well next time I’ll knock!"

Sam says, "I found this match stick on the floor of the kitchen

Al says, "Maybe the B**giem*m?" Then just stands there and he does that thing with his cigar standing with his weight on one leg. Dean-Droolers know what I mean.


Dean Blooper Line:

Sam says, "What about Masters? What did you find on him?

Al says, "The Sheriff? We run every test we could think of and … Ziggy checks out perfectly."


Al’s Outfits:

1) Powder-blue suit w/ White silk shirt w/button up collar, Silver pin on left lapel and White tennis shoes.

2) Green multi-print shirt w/thin Silver tie, Black pants and Black belt w/silver tip. [the ‘Yucky Green shirt’ from "Another Mother" as Munchkin said … lol]


Quotable Quotes:

Sam says to Mary: "Cross my heart and hope to … Limbo … in the Bahamas."

Al says to Sam: "Sam there’s something Hinkey going on here."

Sam asks Al if there’s anything new Ziggy found out and Al says, "ZIPPO!"


Regular Cast:

Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci

Deborah Pratt as Narrator/Ziggy (voice)


Guest Cast:

Donald Hotton as Tully Maltin

David Kriegel as Stevie King

Paul Linke (I) as Sheriff Ben Masters

Valerie Mahaffey as Mary Neeley

Fran Ryan as Dorothy Jaeger



Executive Producer: Donald P Bellisario

Theme By: Mike Post

Music By: Velton Ray Bunch

Co-Executive Producer: Deborah Pratt

Co-Executive Producer: Michael Zinberg

Supervising Producers: Marker Wade & Robert Wolterstorff

Co-Producers: Paul Brown & Jeff Gourson

Produced By: Chris Ruppenthal

Written By: Chris Ruppenthal

Directed By: Joe Napolitano

Executive Story Editor: Tommy Thompson

Director of Photography: Michael Watkins

Production Design: Cameron Birnie

Casting: Jon Koslowsky

Unit Production Manager: Ron Garvey

1st Assistant Director: Paul Sirmons

Supervising Assistant Director: Rob Mendel

Casting By: Kleen Lubin Stanisky

Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Costume Supervisor: Donna Roberts

Sound Mixer: Mark Hopkins McNabb

Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth

Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision

Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Clay

Music Editor: Donald Woods



Miscellaneous Trivia For Guest Cast:

Donald Hotton as Tully Maltin was in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" – Emissary (1993) (TV) as Monk #1

David Kriegel as Stevie King appeared in:

"Speed" (1994) as Terry. (Dennis Hopper was in this too, as Howard Payne. He and Dean Stockwell are best friends.) "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" (1993) as Wolcott in "Dead Lois Walking" (ep# 4.7) November 11, 1996.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" (1993) as Wolcott in "The People vs. Lois Lane" (ep# 4.6) October 30, 1996.

"Murder, She Wrote." (1984) As Ben Forman in "The Phantom Killer." (ep# 10.4) October 24, 1993.

Paul Linke (I) as Sheriff Ben Masters was in "Murder, She Wrote." (1984) As "Eddie Mapes" in "Death By Demographics." (ep# 12.24) May 19, 1996.

"Quantum Leap" (1989) as "Lionel" in "Play It Again, Seymour" (ep1.8) May 17,1989. *NOTE: the appearances were six years apart almost to the day when Lionel played in Murder, She Wrote and QL.

Valerie Mahaffey as Mary Neeley … I’m being really vain here but she has the same ‘EXACT’ birthday as me …

Fran Ryan as Dorothy Jaeger:

Birth: November 29, 1916 in Los Angeles, California … (same year my mother was born & same state as Dean and I were born … )

Death: January 15, 2000 in Burbank, California of natural causes.

Trivia: Often compared to the gruff but lovable Marjorie Main.

She was seen in: 7 Green Acres as Doris Ziffel (Arnold the Pig – his mother) / 5 Gunsmokes and 3 Starskey & Hutch / 3 Night Courts. All Together 56 movies and 61 guest appearances on TV shows such as Adam-12, Batman, Beverly Hillbillies, Bonanza, The Brady Bunch, CHiPs, Daniel Boon, I Dream of Jeannie, Murder-She Wrote, Nicholas, Night Gallery, One Day At A Time, Partridge Family, Taxi, The Rookies and The Walton’s.


Guests who appeared in other Quantum Leap episodes:
Paul Linke appeared in "Play it Again, Seymour" as Lionel.

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