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October 4, 1964

Episode Adopted By: MrsBeckett


Sam leaps into one of his most famous roles as Jimmy, a retarded young adult who's brother has landed him a job on the docks. Sam must keep the job and prevent Jimmy from ending up in an institution.

In this episode we also find out about Al's sister Trudy and her fate as well as a bit of history about Al's family life.


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Leap Date: October 14, 1964

Place: Oakland, CA

Leapee: Jimmy

Writer: Paul M. Belous, and Robert Wolterstorff

Co-Producer: Paul Brown, Jeff Gourson, and Chris Ruppenthal

Producer: Harker Wade

Director: James Whitmore, Jr.

Supervising Producers: Deborah Pratt, Paul M. Belous, and Robert Wolterstorff

Guest stars: John D'Aquino as Frank, Laura Harrington as Connie, Michael Alldredge, Ryan McWhorter as Cory, and Michael Madsen as Blue

Music: Mike Post

Regular Cast: Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell

Al Trivia: This is the episode that we learn about Al’s sister Trudy being mentally retarded and dying in a mental hospital.

Sam Trivia: Sam states that he has never been on a job interview, but then, why would he have to? We really get to see how much of the Leapee stays with Sam during a leap by the way that he behaves as Jimmy. Sam coins the phrase "Special People".

Al’s outfits: 1. Green and Yellow patterned shirt (horrible) with green buttons on the collar, and a short pale green tie that looks like someone took a bite out of it, dark blue pants with a cigar. 2. Same outfit, cigar. 3. Same outfit- no cigar. 4. Black pants, with a black shirt with red and white dots, a red tie, and a gray plaid jacket.

My synopsis: Sam leaps into a man who has been recently released from Wayside, an institution mentally retarded people. He lives with his brother, and his brother’s wife, Connie and son, Cory. There is conflict between the brother and his wife because she can’t handle the responsibility of caring for a person like Jimmy. This is very personal for Al due to the fact that he had a sister, Trudy, who was mentally retarded, and died in an institution. Frank helps to get Jimmy a job at the dock that he works at. Al believes that Sam is there to mainstream Jimmy, so his success at the job it vital. There is a man (Blue) at the dock who harasses Jimmy and makes the job hard for him. Sam does his best, but has a hard time adjusting to the way that people treat him.

When the foreman asks Blue to load a certain number crate, Blue picks the wrong one. At that point, Sam realizes that Blue is dyslexic. We, of course assume that the reason Blue is so mean to Jimmy is that he feels stupid himself, because he doesn’t understand his own disability. When Sam is cleaning the warehouse floor, the cleaning solvent he is using is spilled and Blue, slides with his forklift and almost crashes. Jimmy/Sam gets fired for it because Blue claims that it was Jimmy’s fault. Frank quits because they fired Jimmy. When Frank goes home and explains the situation to Connie, she convinces Frank that they have no choice but to put Jimmy back into the hospital. Al is upset by the fact that Frank tells Sam he is sending him back to the hospital, because Ziggy tells him that Jimmy will never get out again. Sam steals the keys to Frank’s truck and goes to the dock to confront the foreman about the accident that got him fired. Cory follows on his bike, and climbs up on some crates to watch what is going on. Sam tells the foreman that Blue must have left the valve to the cleaning solvent open, so that it would spill and Jimmy would get blamed for the accident. Sam explains Blue’s disorder to the foreman, who believes him. Blue gets fired for setting up Jimmy; Blue is angry and tries to run over Jimmy with a forklift. He misses Jimmy, but hits the crates that Cory is on, and knocks him into the water. Frank jumps in and saves him, but he isn’t breathing. Since Sam is a Dr. of course he knows CPR, which isn’t practiced in 1964, so no one knows what he is doing. He convinces them to let him try to save him, which, of course he does. Connie decides to let Jimmy stay, so Sam leaps and they all live happily ever after, well for a while, anyway.

This is the same family that Sam leaps into later in the Evil Leaper episode. Jimmy and Frank are also Tonchi and Pete in "Mirror Image". I always figured that the reason they revisited Jimmy two more times was because this was such a popular episode. It is one of my favorites!

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