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  • Good god I have not been in this site for yonks! Yes I am still out here..... I have been busy making a heap of youtube video's because of my photo's I have been putting up on facebook! Geez I am actually responding very very late eepppss! I have adobe premiere and goldwave which is an audio manipulator so if you ever need help yes why not! I may not produce the best quality files but if you need anything here's my email:


    Hi Jassian Ang here :)

    Not so sure if you remember me!

    I just thought I would explain that my account was compromised 2 odd years ago.

    Any anytime you were chatting to my profile (especially about your zajen project) it was not really me.

    I was silly enough to give a certain person my account details. And any comments to you by my account was not really me and I am sorry :(

    In the meantime I did delete my facebook account and changed it.

    Hope I made sense :)

    Don't think a second PM should be made over this. It wasn't screen screen it was screen size :eek:.
    Once again to make things clear.

    If you think, well, maybe "I may need a 2 or 3 second clip that may not be the best quality, but still add to what it is I'm making", then feel free to tell me ok :)

    And I say IF

    I cannot wait to see what your thoughts will be

    I am downloading a software that can convert 4:3 to 16:9 ratio :)

    Are you trying to film this in wide screen?

    There is another contact I have which i thinks useful only because he ownes his own production company.

    Check on myspace - patrick kilpatrick

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