03. The Wall 1993 (Ashley McConnell)

The Wall 1993 (Ashley McConnell)

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Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
Germany, 1961: The Berlin Wall is nearing completion, and Missy Robicheaux is a six-year-old military brat when Sam "leaps" into her life. Her destiny is linked to the wall's rise and fall, and it's up to Sam to break the cycle.scription
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Publishing Information:
Quantum Leap: The Wall (Quantum Leap)
by Ashley McConnell
Paperback | Berkley | 1997-03
ISBN-10: 1572972165 | ISBN-13: 9781572972162
This was a good one. The historical setting and Sam leaping into a child kept my interest. I wasn't too crazy about the little girl's parents. I hate the idea of little kids suffering, even in a fictional story.