05. Knights of the Morningstar 1994 (Melnaie Rawn)

Knights of the Morningstar 1994 (Melnaie Rawn)

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Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
When the blue light fades after his latest Leap, Dr. Sam Beckett finds himself wielding a sword - and facing a man in full armor!
No, Sam hasn't leaped into the court of King Arthur. He's jousting his way through a medieval recreation group, battling for the hand of a fair lady. But sword fighting isn't the only challenge Sam faces. A sinister new player has entered the game. Someone who threatens not only the Project, but Sam's life as well. Another Leaper.

Note: Takes place after "Deliver us from evil" and before "Th Return of the evil leaper"
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Publishing Information:
Quantum Leap: Knights of Morningstar (Quantum Leap)
by Melanie Raun
Paperback | Berkley | 1996-02-01
ISBN-10: 1572971711 | ISBN-13: 9781572971714
Really liked this one especially because you got a lot of insight on what happening in the "future" , how Donnna feels and how Als has to deal with different memories of what happened in the past.#
Its the only one i read, but i am beginning to read all the others now.
The story itself with the medieval recreation group was not my style though
I liked this one. I like medieval stuff, so having Sam leap into a member of a medieval historical group was interesting. Sam having to deal with Alia was a nice touch too.
Just finished reading this and am ashamed that years ago I had taken one look at the medieval cover and shunned it as not my cup of tea.

Honestly I was not too impressed with the beginning, it took longer than necessary for the basic who and when to be revealed and when it was it was too drawn out but in consolation I laughed out loud at how horrible Sam was wielding a sword and Zoey's entrance during his breakdown when the first thing she did was comment on what his outfit did to his blood pressure.


When Alia was introduced and set Sam up for the duel the writing improved and I found how this author explored into the workings of the Evil Project very clever though slightly flawed when looking at Return of the Evil Leaper. The theory that Alia's leaps can be targeted around Sam through whom he physically touches is suggested by her appearance opposite him when he shook the hand of Dawn Taylor but either this is a concept that they did not realize or as vaguely implied later by the 'random event theory', the one thing Lothos seems to be incapable of is locating Sam. Either way they had no idea it was him standing right in front of Alia upon her arrival. Which contradicts Alia in this story having targeted herself to leap from one host to another to face Sam in joust.

My favorite scene between Alia and Sam here was when she had attacked Sam at his weakness, his inability to ignore anyone in pain and his homesickness just as he had appealed to the victim she was in Deliver Us From Evil. Though I disagree with how she played off of that monologue with the 'I would destroy myself in destroying you card' which I explain in the episode's thread:

Sam Beckett Fan said:
Good and evil must exist together to balance each other not ensure each other's existence. Ever seen portrayals of Utopia such as in the shows Charmed or Angel? This particular case does not fit into the suggestion. Sam and Alia do not represent good vs. evil, they weren't defined by the forces they stand for. There was obviously a part of Alia which did not agree with her sins and wanted out, in contrast to Zoey this stands out quite a bit. While there have been examples of a darkness in Sam such as in Catch a Falling Star where he honestly considered not saving John O'Mally's life and Vietnam when he cared about nothing but his own agenda which resulted in a life being taken, selfishness. Even his hatred of hatred and injustice when you really look at it is darkness. Such as when he beat the **** out the rapist in Raped.
There is both light and darkness in everyone, that which we actually believe in is what is important.
Then again Sam could have also just been BSing to stall her. A method he's used before such as in Permanent Wave.

The angle of her character that I found the most intriguingly intense was how she idealized her own death as her freedom which shows how Sam believes that everyone can be saved in a way that results in a happily ever after. This would have been an excellent concept to explore in Return of the Evil Leaper.

Another aspect of this novel that I enjoyed was how the amazing woman Al saw in Donna at the end of The Leap Back was beautifully portrayed. My favorite thing is how she acknowledges and accepts the series of leaps where he was involved and conceived a child with Abigail Fuller.
The many notes that Sam had left for her for every occasion was for a hopeless romantic like myself perfectly heart warming. Though fitting that task into The Leap Back in between their quickie and Al's life falling into peril questionably works it's acceptable.
My favorite scene was between her and Phillip Larkin in the waiting room, how she looks for in every visitor even the littlest things that are and are NOT Sam such as how Larkin buttered his bread and the kiss to his lips which she instantly knew were not Sam's was quite powerful.
The whole idea of Larkin's capacitor was interesting. It reminds me of Doc Brown's flux capacitor. No offense but I'd be honestly shocked if you don't know what reference I just made.

Overall it pleases me how this author clearly tried to fit this story in with the TV series and how well thought out her theories were as opposed to say Ashley McConnel who's concepts directly contradict the TV series, her portrayal of the characters are at times downright ridiculous and her references to TV series leaps sloppy.

The title itself Knights of the Morningstar intrigued me. It refers to the book the two characters wrote but before reading it struct me as a reference to the evil leapers. Morningstar is one of the many names Lucifer is known by, as in the devil whom I personally believe is behind the Evil Project.

I enjoyed this novel a lot and am very glad I gave it a chance.
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