101 Nightmare's Conception

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Nightmare's Conception

Nathaniel Lothoman brings Alia into the new complex that he has built, telling her about the awesome power of a super-computer that he has made. It?s during this time that Zo? and Thames help him into the computer itself. The computer merges with Nathaniel, thus creating the bio-computer: Lothos. Little did they realize that they had created a monster.

(*Written by: M. J. Cogburn & A. J. Burfield)

Just take a moment and let the creators know what you thought of this introduction to this new series.

We appreciate constructive criticism.

The Quantum Retribution Team
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Re: 101 Nightmare's Conception

MikeKraken wrote:

Well, I read this originally when I read "Fallen Hero" on QL:TVS so long ago... it was a nice refresher and an interesting way to introduce the series. I'm hoping that I can catch up here soon!

Great work, MJ and AJ. I ranked this one option #2.

... Mike. ^_^

"Well, you know what they say: it's never too soon to start early."
~ Sam Beckett, 'Running for Honour', "Quantum Leap" ~
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I've been trying to read no more than 1 episode of "Virtual Seasons" a day, in order to spread it out so that I would make it last longer, so I decided to start reading "Quantum Retribution" as well.

Anyways, this was an interesting first episode for the series. A lot of contrasts between Project Quantum Leap with Al and Sam, and I think that it worked well for this series. It's also nice to see how it started from the perspective of the Evil Leapers, and how their project took off. I'm looking forward to reading more.