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Just rewatched this episode, and even after several years, it's still just 'meh' to me. The professor/student dynamic creeps me out, and the whole story (yes, including the Donna angle) just didn't interest me at all. And I found it rather unbelievable that in the scene where Al was trying to convey info to Sam in front of observers who were inside the imaging chamber, it took them that long to realize that that was what he was doing. I vote "Average" for this episode.
I just watched this episode again, and a couple of thoughts crossed my mind...

First, I think it actually IS implied in this episode that Donna ended up marrying Sam. Almost immediately after Donna and her father reconcile, Al says that Ziggy is spitting microchips, having "never seen it coming". Al manages to pass this off as Sam causing the Watergate scandal, but in future episodes, Ziggy never has a problem with stating the changes to history. I think that Ziggy's meltodown must have been due to the fact that the change in timeline actually did affect the project this time.

Second, while this is a long shot and probably impossible, would you think it possible that Dr Bryant was actually the first person that Donna was supposed to marry? That would have been a funny twist :p
A great episode. The first to be written by Deborah Pratt. The only problem I have with it is I don’t think it feels like it should be the second episode. I don’t know where in the order this was filmed, but it feels like it should be somewhere towards the end of season 1 (maybe because the pressure at the project seems to have come about too quickly). Even so, this is a solid episode.

This is the first time that Sam has a chance to change his own life and personal history. I love Teri Hatcher in this episode. She’ll always be the best Donna in my eyes. The whole subplot with Jamie Lee and Oscar is very funny, as is the first brush with history regarding the Watergate break in. Best scene of the episode has to be Al with the hieroglyphics, desperately trying to send messages to Sam. It’s the first time we see a glimpse of that unbreakable bond between Sam and Al.

My rating. Good. A fun and touching episode.