103 The Right Hand of God

The Right Hand of God

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A middle of the road episode, this one. I actually really do enjoy the story, as I've always been interested in boxing. Guy Stockwell is amusing throughout. Just a shame he didn't get chance to have a scene with Dean. I also really like the two female leads. Even though they're radically different, both Sister Angela and Dixie are among my favourite female characters of season 1. The episode does have a significant flaw, though...and that's a lack of Al.

Al is badly underused here. The scenes with Al telling Sam about his noisy neighbour are the highlights of the episode, but he only has four proper scenes in this episode, and the last two are both too short (although I did enjoy his last minute appearance at the fight). For some reason, this is also like a forgotten episode to me at times. All other season 1 episodes stand out to me for either good or bad reasons, but this one is just middle of the road, really.

My rating. Average. A good premise that ultimately fails to deliver its potential.