108: Stand By Ben

108: Stand By Ben

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I enjoyed it very much. Great story! Hopefully we find out a bit more next week of what Ben meant
I was debating myself wether to give it a "Good" or an "Average". In the end i decided to be nice and give it a "Good". This episode IMO had just too much stories and side stories. It made me think the the vision of the developers for this revival was to go "bigger, harder etc."
If I'm right i think this is the root of the problem with this revival of the show.
This episode, IMHO, had 3 plots line, that could (and should) easily, made as 3 completely separated episodes, but hey... "Bigger, Harder etc." you know...

IMO the show really has to tone it down with its episode and cut down a lot of subplots if they hoping this revival will ever be able to get closer to the OG.
Honestly no wonder this revival has score of 5.9/10 on imdb(The OG has 8.2/10) and 55% from critics and 67% audience score(while the OG has 96% and 4.6/5 rating) on "Rotten Tomatoes".