110: Paging Dr. Song

110: Paging Dr. Song

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Ben leaps into Alexandra Tomkinson, a medical resident in a Seattle hospital. As victims from a train crash pour into the ER, Addison reveals Ben’s complicated mission. He must go up against hospital bosses to save lives and Alexandra’s career.

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For a moment i thought about the highest score, but it gone very fast. Another episode with too much drama and too many plot lines and side stories.
Man, this "Bigger, harder etc." i mentioned a couple of episodes ago is really starting to look real, and it's getting on my nerves.
Overall it was a good episode with good stories, but it had too many wasted potentials for future episodes.
The whole plot with Janice in the present need to go away or be resolved - Instead of making me feel more tension it makes me snort with contempt. It's really getting ridiculous.
I have an idea... try to work on your characters chemistry and the chemistry between your actors, instead. What do you say. Ben and Dr. Sandra Turk's character had more chemistry then Ben and Addison.
God, I'm really starting to give up on this revival, even though we had like 3 overall good episodes in a row.