1208 Holding On...Letting Go, Part II

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Holding On...Letting Go, Part II
September 11, 1997

Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida

As college student Howie Lockwood on vacation with friends to Walt Disney World to attend the Nights of Joy, Sam must overcome interferences both internal and external as lack of information complicates his mission while memories of his own failures nip at his mind as he strives to prevent a fellow student from vanishing. Sam and Al also find healing from a series of 'successful failed Leaps' in an unexpected way. (Part II)

Written by: C. E. Krawiec & Jennifer L. Rowland

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Xanadu said:
This story is really coming together nicely. It most definitely pulls every bit of nuance that is essentially Quantum Leap and then some, making me just fall in love with the characters. Thank you ladies for this story. It's hitting the spot! It's a good thing that the next part is up soon!



Morris J. Finkle said:
Only halfway through and already this quadrilogy seems to be becoming a crucial development in Sam's evolution as a character. The timing of this story really is perfect when you consider all that Sam has been through over the past year or so (which I'm sure was sort of intentional on the writers' part). It's nice to see Sam's "crisis of faith" being addressed. And I can't think of two authors better equipped to address this issue more than Jennie and Eleiece.

I'll try to give a more thorough review once the story is complete. Excellent story so far, you two! :)



Sporty said:
A great continuation, interesting about Al's conversation with Howie. I like how this is coming along, I wonder if Sam will have his sanity at the end. With the remembrances in his head. Great job! As always.



Allie Cat said:
Wow! Another great story! I love the Dean reference in the Disney store (the picture of the man who resembled James Dean) and, of course, the Star Wars references. I've been on the Star Tours Ride in Disneyland and absolutely loved it! So, reading about it in Disney World brought back
wonderful memories.

And the description of Al and Beth with the girls in Disney World... absolutely precious! I could easily see Christa staring up at Mickey Mouse with that look of absolute adoration! Wonderfully described. :)

This episode also got my curiosity going about the Song of Solomon. I wasn't sure if that was what it was called in Catholic Bibles (there is an ever so slight difference in translations). Sure enough, it's there. But in the newer Catholic Bibles, it's called The Song of Songs by Solomon. Of course, Al probably has an older Bible, given how long he's been married. I can see why Al would wonder what he was missing out on. ;)

Being a sucker, though, for Al and his kids, I actually liked this part better than the first part. Wonder what is in store for us in the next two parts!

Great job, Eleiece and Jennie!



Vince Beckett said:
I like where this story is going. Although I'm not real religous, I like the religous viewpoint that Howie has. Hopefully it will help Sam out.



Gooshie said:
A great follow-up to the first part. The story is halfway over now, yet there are still so many unanswered questions. I anticipate reading the next episode.



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The Virtual Seasons Team
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Wow, this story is progressing along nicely... Eleiece and Jennie, you've sure done a great job so far! I really liked the reference to Dean Stockwell ("One was of the iconic James Dean, the other of an actor who bore a bit of a resemblance to him") -- I sense a bit of trivia from theSassies there. :b

Anyway, it was cool seeing such a long sequence in the Waiting Room again. Most stories don't have such extended scenes with Al (or anyone else) with the visitor... nice to experience more of the leapee than is average. We rarely got to see that in the original series, so it's a nice complement.

I also rate this story a 4... can't wait for the next part!

... Mike. ^_^
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