1218 For Her Heart

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For Her Heart
September 21, 1998

Albuquerque, New Mexico

As Eddie Sharpe, a high school junior, Sam's apparent task is to prevent a fatal brawl involving Eddie's best friend. Things take an unexpected turn when Sam encounters Christa Calavicci, who also attends the high school, and learns that Christa has a serious crush on Eddie!

Written by: Erik Dreiling

TVS Team
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Seeker said:
What a perfectly wonderful little story! ?For Her Heart? has everything going for it, including a happy ending. Being the romantic that I am, I do love a happy ending, and what happier ending (at this point) can there be than the joy of an impending wedding, unless it?s sharing Al?s and Beth?s happiness at this special time in their youngest daughter?s life.

Well and beautifully done, Erik! Most definitely keep up the good writing!



Morris J. Finkle said:
What a great story this was! The whole time I was reading it, I couldn't stop smiling (and even sometimes found myself laughing out loud). It was nice to finally see a new development for Christa after all this time. Heck, even if it wasn't Christa, this still would have been a great "traditional" QL story. The only real "negative" thing I could say about it was that the plot was a bit predictable. I mean...you knew Sam was gonna "get the girl" in the end. Regardless, "For Her Heart" was the classic "feel-good" story that Quantum Leap needs every now and then.

I particularly liked the blink-and-miss references to prior QL episodes, both televised and virtual. Just one more comment I'd like to make, on a personal note: if that had been my son or grandson (or whatever) defending himself and his friends at the school, the principal would not be giving him detention for being a HERO. I'd be making sure of that. I wouldn't care if the principal said it was their school and their rules, I'd tell them I don't care what THEIR rules are, he's my son and I say that he should be commended, not punished. And if the principal refused to comply with what I said, then me and him/her would have a serious problem. *Ahem* Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I just wanted to get that off my chest. :p

Anyway, excellent story, Erik!



Sporty said:
Great story! Sam in the guise of one of Al's daughter's boyfriend. Priceless! I like the interaction between Sam and the past Al. Great job as always!



Allie Cat said:
I thought that this story was absolutely wonderful. It was well-written and very entertaining. Like Seeker, I'm a romantic kind of person. So to see Christa, who has obviously had a tough childhood, find the love of her life is so marvelous.

I really like the people Christa hangs out with. Joe is funny and a little cocky, Vanessa seems like a sweetheart, and I get the impression that Al is going to actually LIKE Ed as his son-in-law, when Ed and Christa marry.

My favorite scene is Sam picking Christa up at Al's house. Priceless!

Good job, Erik!



Ziggy's Soul said:
Excellent story, Erik. I like the way Christa?s life has been changed for the better. She is a lovely girl and deserves a happy story especially with the pain she has been dealt.

There is one area that is especially troubling. If you check a map, Albuquerque is just too far away from Stallion?s Springs and Stallion?s Gate to be a viable location for this to happen. Since the site of the project is supposed to be very close to where the Trinity bomb test took place, the closest town would be Socorro. To have Christa living in Stallion?s Springs and going to school in Albuquerque would require a 2-3 hours commute to and the same from. Not logistically viable. To have Al and Beth living in Albuquerque during Sam?s leaping years would have been unthinkable. Too far away from the project.

Overall the story was good and I enjoyed it.



Gooshie said:
I really enjoyed this episode. Although we have seen more than our fair share of Sam meeting a younger version of Al this season, I liked how everything played out. Developing the relations of the "children" of PQL has become another theme this season.

You had some very touching scenes in this episode, Erik, specifically with the grandfather (which I think could have been given a little more depth than it received).

Also, it's nice to see that Christa's life improved due to Sam once more. Great job!



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The Virtual Seasons Team
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This was an absolutely adorable story. Admittedly, it was pretty obvious to see how it was all going to work out, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy getting there. Sam/Eddie and Al was absolutely PRICELESS...loved dear Daddy's "warning".

One thing I don't quite get though, is how a few knife scars on her face make Christa a "freak" since the whole Alan thing, bad burns, glass eye/etc. never happened after the resolution in "Battle Scars."

Still, nice to see Al's little princess getting her prince!
It was pretty good. I like when Sam runs into Al and his daugthers in the past, especially when it's in the recent past. It was a nice touch with the picture of Sam and Al at Al's house.
Vince Beckett said:
It was pretty good. I like when Sam runs into Al and his daugthers in the past, especially when it's in the recent past. It was a nice touch with the picture of Sam and Al at Al's house.

Yeah I had so much fun writing this particular episode. Granted the story was a bit predictable but would it be fun if Sam didn't get the girl? LOL. That part was intentional. I was mainly focusing on how Sam interacted with Christa, while focusing also on other certain characters (i.e. Joseph Wright, Vanessa Andrews). There was a side story to this episode concerning Eddie's grandfather. I had no idea that many of the readers would have perferred to have had me focus more on it.

Just to add a tidbit of info here, I actually had this particular story planned for the eighth season but opted for 'Crossroads' instead.

Anyways I'm glad that you all enjoyed this story.

Nice story but I got really bothered by the fact that in the beginning when I read the setting of a high school in the late 90's. I guessed there was going to be some act of violence. I think it's sad how my generation has gained this kind of an association. I got a kick out of reading Sam confronting Al during a leap and Al not knowing it while it was going on.