1227 Sanctuary

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March 13, 1987

Brooklyn, New York

When Tom leaps into Franklin Benjamin, the director of a homeless shelter and rehabilitation program, he finds himself in the midst of forgotten men. His mission: to save one of the program residents before the man's new life is taken before he even has a chance to rebuild.

Written by: Jennifer L. Rowland

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Seeker said:
Now that the world is bereft of the gentle, time-traveling quantum physicist/genius that was Samuel Beckett, this story starkly shows just how much one man's influence can have on so many. Or, even just one man, and "Sanctuary" exquisitely and masterfully demonstrates that with plain, heartbreaking grittiness as we see how not having that chance encounter with the young Sam Beckett so massively impacted Al Calavicci's life.

"Sanctuary" is exquisitely and masterfully woven, the dialogue is lean, spare and direct as befits the setting of the story and the characters –all of them---who inhabit it. Tom Beckett and Bobby LoNigro make an excellent team as Leaper and Observer, especially Tom as he gets a unique education and perspective of what Sam's experiences were like in that other timeline, as he deals with balancing trying to save Henry and helping Al as much as he can.

Beautifully, superbly done, Jennifer. I am so looking forward to the conclusion of this wonderful story.



Morris J. Finkle said:
[Review coming soon...]



Sporty said:
I like the way this series is going. A great alternate spin on things: Tom being the leaper, and a lot of different things. I am sad about Sam, but maybe something will happen and he will come back. Great job and I will be waiting for part 2.



Ziggy's Soul said:
This story, the first in the "World Without Sam Beckett" was really fantastic. It's nice to see that Sam's dream would be kept alive by both his brother and Dr. LoNigro. It is also interesting that Tom's choice to leap is not so much to keep the project alive as it was to protect everyone (what else would one expect from a Navy SEAL). But the thing that brought this story into its own was the concept that in the absense of Sam, Tom would take up the role of helping Al. Ok... with Tom, it takes a while and he blew his first opportunity (the vending machine) which his brother would have taken (and did) in a heartbeat. Those Beckett boys truly were raised well. Looking forward to Part 2.



Vince Beckett said:
This is a good story, but it's depressing without Sam and seeing what happened to Al. However, there seems to be hope of restoring the timeline, because ALPHA seems to remember Sam and Al, and acts like Ziggy. One thing I didn't quite get is how Tom would be alive if Sam had never leaped. I'm thinking that maybe Bobby LoNigro leaped to save his life, or I suppose it would just make sense to have Tom leap with him being Sam's brother. [Addendum: Never mind about how Tom is still alive, I forgot about that scene in Shockwave II.] Tom and Bobby would be the appropriate replacements for Sam and Al. I can't think of anyone else who would be appropriate to take Sam's place. I noticed Gooshie is alive too. I guess the evil leapers don't exist in this timeline, because Sam never leaped. A whole new timeline makes things a little confusing.



Xanadu said:
This story was weaved so well that it was just perfect. I loved seeing Tom leap in and seemingly take over Sam's place. And Albert! Oh... it's too sad! *wah!*



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Thanks, Tom. I look forward to reading yours in its entirety. It was fun exchanging "I did this so you can decide why and how...." "Okay, I'm doing this so you may hint at it..." with you! :)