2 Platinum Tickets D 73/D 74


Project QL Intern
Oct 7, 2007
Hi everyone,

It was a huge dream for me to attend this convention and it appears that I can't. I'm really disappointed but there's nothing I can do about it.

So here I am, to sell my tickets. I got them a few minutes after they were available. 2 Platinum Tickets, seat numbers D73 and D74. I was very happy to have them and I'm sure that someone could really enjoy them.

My email address is stephanie_c21@hotmail.com

It's OK if I keep the tickets. I got news today: I *might* get my passport -the reason why I currently can't travel- next week. So I won't know until the very last moment if I can make it or not. :(:wacko

Soooo... We'll see.
We may be there tomorrow. Will arrive in the late afternoon though, hope it won't be a problem.