207 Thou Shalt Not...

Thou Shalt Not...

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The first minor blip of season 2. This one is very, very forgettable to me. I used to remember it as the "Jewish episode" (largely because the best scene, in my opinion, is the insanely catchy hava nagila dance scene). In fact, it only makes an Average grade because the subject matter is interesting, and in some scenes the episode as a whole is very powerful. The death of a child is something I cannot imagine. I have known loss, but I can't dream how terrible and horrific it must be to lose your child.

Unfortunately, some things drag the episode down. First of all, it's very downbeat in tone. Yes, the subject matter is serious, but the whole air of this episode is just very dark. They could have done more to keep an even mix of tone. Also, Russ Tamblyn's character feels tacked on. As though the episode needed a villainous character so they cooked him up on short notice. Also, there's one really bad scene where Sam kisses the mother. It just feels wrong under the circumstances. I know it was to establish that Sam suspects his host is the one who she's going to cheat with, but it feels wrong that Sam goes along with the kiss at first.

My rating. Average. Not a bad episode, but too downbeat and with a few problems.