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8-1/2 Months

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A weird, heartwarming story with a bunch of humour. I've always enjoyed 8-1/2 Months. It isn't one of my favourites, and some of the logic in the episode does feel a little off-the-wall at times, but it's still without a doubt a classic episode.

Sam being pregnant is, of course, hilarious. Seeing him with the pregnancy symptoms is a riot. The ending, with Sam protesting, "I'm having this baby!" is a particular highlight. The reactions of the nurses and the doctor are what make it so funny.

The drama aspects of the episode were handled averagely. The relationship between Billy-Jean and her father is what packed the most punch for me. The confrontation between Sam and the baby's father was handled a little badly, in my opinion. His acting wasn't very good and the ending of the scene with him running off and leaving Billy-Jean was just crazy. We're meant to believe he doesn't know Sam/Billy-Jean is going into labour, but there's no real way that would be possible. Also, him running so fast he loses his cap and then doesn't even bother to pick it up was also over-the-top. The guy was running as though the Devil himself was behind him. Lol.

I liked Dotty and Effy, and the way they supported Billy-Jean. All the scenes between them worked well.

My rating. Good. A solid episode (as usual) from Deborah Pratt, that just misses out from being Excellent.