4-Disc Convention DVD Now Available for Pre-order!


Al's Place Bartender
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The Leap Back 2009: A 20th Anniversary Quantum Leap Convention”four-disc DVD set is now available for pre-order through the Starlight Children’s Foundation donation page http://www.starlight.org/onlinestore/. The suggested donation is $30.00 and all funds go directly to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. On the donation page there will be the option to donate even more to this wonderful charity, if you are able.
You may contact us at this email address or join our forum with additional questions. DVD sets will begin being mailed out in December.

Your purchase of this DVD set is considered a donation to Starlight Children’s Foundation (Fed I.D. #95-3802159) but is not tax-deductible since goods were provided in exchange for the donation. 100% of the donated amount will go to the starlight Children's foundation, though. Refunds or exchanges will not be possible.