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January 27, 1982

Destiny, New Mexico

In what seems like a cross between Geraldo and the X-Files (featuring Jerry Hardin from The X-Files!), Sam leaps into a TV reporter who, when challenged by a co-worker to do just one real investigative piece, discovers a secret chemical weapons plant hidden inside a local corporation. But the company will do anything to keep its secret?even murder.

Written by: Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by: Scott Bakula

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Brian, I think you forgot to include "Moonlighting" with the description... I thought the "battle" between the two reporters made this show!!
This is my least favorite episode. The plot is good, the acting is good, and I gotta give Scott props for his first directed episode, but I cannot watch it. Main reason...I am an asthmatic too. I was hospitalized with an acute asthma attack last January, and I feel myself get short of breath when I hear the woman (i forgot her name) wheeze with her attacks. Not a good ep for me.

Samantha Beckett
Watching Raberto now. there's not a whole lot of stuff to say about this episode. it's not one of my favorites, i mean it has its humorous points, and its little bits of Al humor, but its not really all that great IMO. although it did even have a sexy Scott moment as well, when a psycologist dares Sam to finish Raberto's talk show in his boxers, WHOOO!
I liked the Charactor of Janny Isenberg, a local reporter, destined to die. shes determined, and strong willed and has lots of self confidence. and she's not afriad to take a risk. i like that about her. i also liked how she and Sam made a great team in descovering the hidden secret government lab of the plant and exposing it. it was suspensful as it was reveled that some toxic waste was escaping from the secret government lab of the plant and killing sheep. Apparently they were working on a poision that if inhaled blocks nasel and lung passages, like having a severe asthma attack, and this lab was creating a substance ten times worse. Sam was very sneaky in this episode, GO SAM! hehe. and this is the only time in the series that we see Sam on a computer.
I also liked Janny's line after she won the bet or whatever
"Hmm now what should I buy with a hundred dollars, shoes..no somehting more personal.."
"How about lingrie I'll help!"
I get a kick out of that line everytime.
Other than that, this episode has it very few ups and then the majority of downs. It's mildly interesting but doesn't make eaither my fav or least fav list, its just nuteral which personally my nutural list is a little more negitive than it is positive.

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I thought it was a good episode,Not great,but good. Interesting,well acted and amusing. But the main thing i'll always remember from this episode is the end when Sam/Roberto Telling his viewers what would be the subjects for the next show and one of them is "How i(roberto) was kidnapped by aliens that hold me captive in a big white room..." - That was Hillarious!

Samantha Beckett said:
and I gotta give Scott props for his first directed episode,
Samantha Beckett

This episode wasn't the first dircting job,Scott made for the show. his first directing job was "Permanent Wave".
I didn't like this episode when I first saw it, but when I rewatched it on DVD, I understood the plot better. It reminded me of The China Syndrome more than the X-Files. It's not the best story, but the interaction between Sam/Roberto and Janny is very good. This is one of those episodes that highlights Sam's darker, more obsessive side.

The best scene for me is the set-up when Sam cracks the computer code. The computer screen starts scrolling up with numbers, which are reflected in the lenses of Roberto's glasses. Nice, nice camera work there.
Not my all time favorite, but a good episode. I liked the interaction between Jani and Sam. Al had his funny moments, especially when he followed the two girls in bathing suits out onto the stage. :roflmao:

And of course I enjoyed the scene where Scott stripped down to his boxers, but that goes without saying. Hubba hubba. Sam was a bit reluctant, but I'm guessing Scott probably had fun with it. :lol ;)