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Silent Victims

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Aug 26, 2002
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Silent Victims
March 17, 1981

Wilderness Lake, Idaho

It was a nightmare from the beginning and keeps getting worse. As Laura Beauchamp, Sam fears for his life when he finds himself running from two serial killers known for butchering their prey. Although he is able to escape, something pulls him back to the scene for another confrontation.

Written by: A. J. Burfield

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Excellent episode! Very well written. This sure seemed like the "Leap From Hell". :lol
Now, every time I look at packaged meat I think of Quantum Leap. It's a nasty connection, but I'm not gonna think of the connection. Instead, I'm going to think of Quantum Leap whenever I look at packaged meat. I think that was the worst thing about the episode even though the ep in general was really excellent.
Good Job A.J.!
~Steve(aka RossBeckett)
I enjoyed this episode although i nearly became vegitarian but it was worth to read this story, the tension increased towards the end and the final outcome was brillant, a leap that will be remembered

4/5 :D
Great episode. It was certainly nice to see that Sam was aware of himself again, and it was refreshing that Sam and Al had "normal" interactions. Plus, it was very fast-paced, and I could fell myself getting caught up in the action. This is probably one episode I'm glad that I read, rather than saw, because a few parts would have been a bit much... :x

Again, it was a pleasure to read! :)