616 Triple Threat

Triple Threat

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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas
Triple Threat
May 30, 1992

Boston, Massachusetts

When Sam leaps into recent college graduate Kevin Erickson, he immediately picks up on three situations he needs to fix, all involving the future of Kevin's best friend, Lewis. What should he fix first: his family relationship, his love life or his professional future?

Written by: David Britz

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I really liked this episode. First off, I think that it was great how the many problems of Sam were able to be incorporated together to form the story, and I also noticed how this was the first episode that had scenes without Al and Sam. They were far and few between the episode, but they fit well. Great episode, although after the things Sam has to go through every week, I'm glad the authors aren't deciding what goes on in my life :lol. :)