707 Tricky Business

Tricky Business

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QL Damsel

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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas
Tricky Business
May 17, 1975

New York City, New York

When Sam leaps into prostitute Amy Wilson, he knows immediately that he's there to get Amy off the street and home again. As he lives her life and dodges her "tricks," he also figures out that another hooker will die if she doesn't change her habits.

Written by: Scott Burke

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I liked this episode. Poor Sam had to run around throughout, stopping each and every suspect. Of course, the ending was good as well. I'm sure that anyone that has read my reviews on prior episodes know I tend to look more favorably on leap-focused episodes, and I think that the execution of such was done in a very good manner. Great episode, and I hope that if and when the series is revived, you write more episodes for it (It seems you wrote only this one). :)