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Mud Rat

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Aug 26, 2002
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Mud Rat
November 15, 1974

Los Angeles, California

When Sam finds himself in a popular housemother in UCLA in the mid '70s, his main goal is to stop a murderer. During his visit, he manages to experience a lot of the '70s and help his battered sister Katie at the same time.

Written by: Douglas Laird

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This is a great story. I love how Sam helps his sister Katie get out of her marriage to Chuck earlier. I also like the kiss with history where Sam inspires Stephen Spielberg.
This was a great episode. I liked the touch with history, and Sam's role in such. The beginning was also quite funny. I could imagine his facial expression, and how he would react in such a situation. I was also glad to see Al having such a good time around that part of the campus. :lol