713 The Tale of Trixie the Pixie

The Tale of Trixie the Pixie

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Aug 26, 2002
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The Tale of Trixie the Pixie
December 17, 1980

Manhattan, New York

It's Christmas, and Sam is actually pleased to be posing as a department store Santa. His host's poor health leaks through time, so Sam relies on Al to reconcile Kris Kringle's Pixie helper with her father. Al stumbles across his own helper, in two timelines, to arrange a meeting.

Written by: William Elsom

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This is a pretty good story. How appropriate to name Sam's host Kris Kringle. It's also interesting how the timelines seem to cross paths where Al runs into his ex-wife from another timeline.
This was a good episode, and the ending was very touching. Hopefully I'll get to read one of these Christmas episodes nearer to the holiday. I also enjoyed Al's involvement in helping Sam leap, and that what he was doing interwined with Sam's mission. Great episode!

I'm off until the next episode. Shoom. Clunk. :lol