725 Fallen Hero, Part II

Fallen Hero, Part II

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Aug 26, 2002
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Fallen Hero, Part II
May 29, 1977

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Sam uses time to save himself and his Project from destruction. After saving Alia, he finds himself at the Lothos Project to stop the invasion of Ziggy at the source.

Written by: A. J. Burfield, M. J. Cogburn & Katherine Freymuth

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Figured I would do the same as the first part, since this was a very important episode in terms of plot. If these were the midseason episodes, I would love to see what the season finale is like? :lol

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This was a great way to finish the two-part episode. It was nice that Sam was able to defeat the evil Lothos, and rid the world of Zoe and Thames at the same time. I always hoped that Sam would take care of the evil leapers before he returned home, and I think that this was quite a dramatic and effective way to end it. Wonderful job!

I was also touched at the conclusion, where Sam got to see Gooshie one last time. I'm reminded here of another episode, in the television series, where Al says that Sam couldn't help everyone. I think that's true here, where Sam defeated the evil leapers after Gooshie's death, and not before. Again, the authors did a superb job of executing Sam's goodbye.