A phone full of easter eggs and clues


Project QL Intern
Oct 6, 2022
I'm trying to match the names on the phone in tne begining to people influenced by Sam Beckett or possibly about to be influenced by Ben. I took a freeze frame shot but the website doesn't auto-reduce so can't post from my phone - I've identified several names on it as former leapee relative last names. So what about the rest. Just how much of a clue are the names on that phone.
At 37 seconds into the pilot, the names on Janis' phone are:

T Harding
C Palacios
M Phillips
N Schloss
T Slattery
C Stanton
B Vickery
J Evans
C Armon
J Benito
C Feldt
Ben Song
D Frederickson
C Kieffer
K Kieffer
T Harding