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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas

Played by: Orlando Bloom

Job: Psychotic Evil Leaper / Child of Time

First Appearance: VS Episode 1031, "Lifetime: Future's End"

Date of Birth: 1980 (estimated)

When Sam first encountered him in the future, Adam was in his mid fifties. His true identity remained a mystery, but his intentions seemed benevolent?at first. Adam showed his true colors when Isabella Fulton and Ziggy attempted to give the retrieval chip to Sam so that he could plant it into SID?s mainframe in the past. Proving himself to be a brilliant albeit insane man, Adam wielded a special weapon of his own invention and attempted to kill Isabella. In retaliation, Ziggy?s holographic matrix took on a solid form and killed Adam.But although this is where Adam?s story ended, Sam had yet to discover where it began. After Alia had been freed from Lothos? evil reign, she had a son that she gave up for adoption. Years later, that son grew up and stumbled upon copies of Dr. Braden?s memoirs. After studying those documents inside and out, he discovered the secrets of time-travel and used his expertise to design various weapons and devices that could manipulate the flow of time. This man ironically was Adam.

When Sam was a Detainee at Lothos? project, he was shocked upon seeing a much younger version of Adam come to his rescue in the Holding Chamber. As the two men touched, a magnetic convergence field revealed that Adam was in fact Al. Apparently Lothos had recruited Adam shortly after Alia was freed, and sent him into Al?s aura to infiltrate Project Quantum Leap. Lothos however was not aware of Adam?s hidden agenda. Using a jamming device, Adam scrambled Lothos? program and used the chip to send Zo? back to the evil project. He shot and killed Alia who had been retrieved along with Sam. Discovering the truth about his real mother, Adam then escaped with the retrieval chip. His current whereabouts in time are unknown.