Allen McCallister

QL Damsel

Al's Place / TVS & QR & Radio Files Administrator
Staff member
Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas

Played by: Matt Damon

Job Description: Logistics Technician

Parents: Barbara and Jacob McCalister; mother passed last year. Father is recovering from pneumonia at present.

Allen was born on September 25, 1989, the only child to Barbara and Jacob.

Jacob was hired on with the project in 1992, and brought his family to live in the project under the careful hand of Lothos. Barbara had emotional and physical complications living in the project. She didn't like the dictatorship that was in rule. Only after one correctional session did she see the error in standing up to Lothos. She raised Allen to be respectful to all -- especially to Lothos for fear of her son to be placed in a correction session. Allen received his primary and high school education within the complex. Another student, who was exceptional in Mathematics and the field of Quantum Physics, Lothos sent Allen to Oxford and he graduated suma cume laude in July 2012.

Allen extremely enjoys what he is doing, however, he is a comic relief for everyone around him. His workstation is in a disorganized order but he knows where everything is. He just has to find it.

Allen likes to hang out on his off time. He is a confirmed bachelor and does not want to be "settled down" as he calls it. He loves country music and is constantly looking for "Ms. Right Now." He thinks he's Mr. Right for most any woman he meets, and on occasion isn't above trying certain methods to make them more accepting of his attentions.... or wants.

Although he fronts a mischievous personality, Allen primarily likes to go to his quarters and curl up with a good book to read instead of going outdoors. Having lost his mother just last year, he spends some of his time just sitting reminiscing of her.

He's Trevor's best friend. They have been friends since High School.