Al's Video Library For Mac?

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Jun 3, 2005
Hey Brian,
So I enjoy watching some of the alternate endings and BTS stuff in the VL but my Macbook Air won't play them. When I tried the alternate ending to Mirror Image it started to open it in Quicktime and then gave me some message about the file being incompatible and for me to click for a list of downloads to make the video recognizable. It took me to a list of codec packs it looked like but when I clicked one it took me to a purchase screen. Not happening.

Once last year or so I'd tried the Alternate ending to 'Deliver us From Evil' and just received a windows only error.

Yes I've got my Acer but here at the place I've just moved to it's not online. I don't know the password for the to the network. Somehow my Macbook automatically connected without a password but the Acer asks for one. Media playback isn't the best on the Acer anyway.

So this is a bummer. Anyway can the files be made more playable for a Mac?
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Feldon thank you, my Macbook accepted VLC better than my Acer and the videos from the library worked. It opened the video four times and I can't close one without closing all of them so that's weird but it works so no biggie.