Being Erica


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Dec 20, 2002
I have been meaning to post this for a while (about three months, when the series began). CBC started a new series in January called "Being Erica". Not centred on time travel but using it as a method of telling the story (much like QL), it's about a 32-year-old woman who has many regrets in her life. In each episode, she goes back to a period in her life as herself in order to try to change something. Sometimes things are better in the present, and sometimes they are worse.

I've lost some interest in the show since it's become more "female" centred (more mushy romantic stuff than I care for), but I still plan on watching because I can't resist anything that involves time travel. :b

If you're in Canada, you can watch it on CBC on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM, or go online at and watch through the Flash interface. Outside of Canada (and for those who prefer better quality), you can download via torrent files - has the torrents.

... Mike.
i saw the 5 fist episodes but i dont find it that interesting.Life on mars was better.The show is focus most on love affairs than who the heck is this guy where did he come from and why is he helping her.
Also when the character goes back in time this reminds me of butterfly effect movie where she changes something but that backfire her in the end.Actually thats the only interesting thing in the show.
the actress is sweet and good in this role but i cant help compare this show with ally mc beal its like ally mc beal meets the TWILIGHT ZONE:alien
sure its something to watch when you have nothing to do and you want to watch something on tv but Its a chick flick show and a ql fan would hardly liked it.
I've been watching it in reruns and do quite like it a lot. Even being a QL fan I like it. It's fun and refreshing. Being female I don't mind the chick flick side of it but do agree it tends to be.
ok after watching the entire season i start to like the show.the first 4 eps i thought they were quite boring but then the show started to be more dramatic and more BUTTERFLY EFFECT:p specially the last episode which was very moving.
i cant wait for the second season i hope dr tom wont dissapear in the universe:bowand come back becouse i dont think i like the new therapist:eek
the show looks more like the journeyman and not ql but i hope they will explain who the heckl are these characters and where did they come from
does anyone know if the show will have a season 3? i hope its not cancelled
i want to know what was behind the door lol
well as i am the only one who s responding to this thread lol the show will have a season 3...YAY
i watched the last ep of the season 3 and to my surprise there was a twist in the story.although the producer of the show at amagazine said the show was nothing like ql in the last ep the character <erica>leaped to another person and not her shelf at a younger age.RING A BELL??:whip
ANYWAY the show was very good in s3 i hope now there is a s4.
still no explaination about the thearapists grr
lol i am the only one who writes in this thread but i had to say it. s4 was even better than s3.there were many twists and a sad i d rather say finale.i hope the show wont stop in s4 becouse some qs still left unanswered who are the therapists. who is behind the all therapy thing, as we watched that dr tom wasnt a ghost or an angel but a real person so who runs the business.if not god or al the bartender lol maybe ALIENS?? but still the show is very interesting to watch and i love the soundrack..and please dont end dr tom he has to come back
Ok the show is finally over .no more Erica and dr Tom grrr but this was a great series just had to say it and end this thread LOL