Cast List for the Quantum Leap Audio Play

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Aug 26, 2002
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Cast list so far:

PQL Players:
Sam Beckett: Shane Devon
Albert Calavicci: Ben
Gooshie: Fritzsama
Ziggy: Krystal
Sammy Jo: MJ Cogburn
Beth: Katherine Freymuth
Verbena: Eleiece Krawiec
Tina: Carol McBain

Leap Players:
Bartender: Brian Greene
Ray Dutcher: Shane Devon
Allison Dutcher: Katherine Freymuth
David Dutcher: Tom Nicklis
Announcer: Mark Ribolla
Angela Morgan: Carol (LunarCrystal)
Secretary: Eleiece Krawiec
Student 1/James: Colin Snow
Girl 1: Carol (LunarCrystal) to gasp, mumble and scream.
Girl 2: MJ Cogburn to gasp, mumble and scream.
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I haven't even gotten all the lines in for this one yet, dear. As soon as I get lines in and have this one mixed, I'll work on the next one.

However, I could use more people in Quantum Retribution. :)
Okay, Erin. I haven't forgotten.
With school up and running again and my arm acting up again (this is really irking me now) I think that QL and QR is again on the backburner, at least the audios are. I'm a bit upset that I've not had time to work on QR or QL...

YES... I did say Quantum Leap Audio!