Comic Book Downloads

Brian, all afternoon I've been reading the comics from your downloads and they are very well done. The leaps are very unique and dramatic but I am unable to download 'Getaway'.
It tells me I need to select a program to download with (something the others do not do) and I selected iphoto as I'm on a mac and it's basically photos of the comic pages so it made sense. iphoto then gives me an error that it's an unsupported file type or something to that effect.

So far all the other volumes have downloaded fine.
Shame 'Getaway' sounds like a good one from the description.

Correction: I'm having the same problem with all of them starting with 'Getaway'.

Hopefully this issue can be solved I'm so into these!
^ Nevermind. I downloaded izip and added a few steps to getting them open which was slightly obnoxious but it worked. Finished reading all of them and want more damn it!