Did Brian do a kewl thing here or WHAT???

Did Brian do a kewl thing here or WHAT???

  • ABSO-Fricken-Lutely!!

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  • Heck, no I liked it the other way... boring, snoring and oh so regular!

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  • I could honestly care less!!

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  • WHAT changes??

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  • Let Timo in to play!!

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Apr 30, 2002
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Vote here if you think the new fonts and image of the handlink are a good thing or what??


(sorry 'bout the first one... didn't take the smilies!!)
Hey Moderators!!!

SORRY about my first attempt at creating a poll...

Brian, can you or Joy please delete it away from existance??


Speaking as a member of the bboard... great job!

Re: Hey Moderators!!!

Who are the people who wants Timo into play? Tut-tut, can't you remember the damage he did at our old home over at scifi.com?

Hey Brian, this site and messageboard gets better and better everytime I visit it. Keep up the good work. Mark my words, the site will become known to the powers that be and you could be offered big money for it. I sure hope you don't sell and keep working on it! ;)

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Re: Hey Moderators!!!

The boards look awesome!

And remember, "I'm-a Calavicci, number one!"
Selling up?????

Hey Yo Bartender Dude,

Sell Al's Place..........Home of The Rod? Sell Al's Place........Possibly the GREATEST Quantum Leap website on The Rod's Earth????? Sell Al's Place........Home of The Best QL Board there is????

Surely not. Although, The Rod would understand this as the price for such a website would be almost as large as Al's little black book.

Answer The Rod this:

If you sold Al's Place......Home of The Rod. What would you do then? Would you come and visit it? Would you post on the board?

Or would you simply take your enormous fortune off to Hawaii.

The Rod knows what He would do........

Bartender, get The Rod a drink with a little umbrella in it......

He's A Hot Rod Baby!!!!

Rod Out!!