Doctor who meets quantum leap part 6


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Mar 20, 2018
Part 6

Both Dr beckett and the doctor runs towards the console with the doctor seeing another ghostly doctor waiting for them. The ghost doctor had started the tardis engines the moment they ran through the door.

The doctor quickly takes his sonic screwdriver from Sams pocket aims it at the ghost doctor and the tip of the sonic glows blue and the ghost Doctor fades away.

"alloisy! Emergency holographic doctor as in the words of my past self

"OK let's go"

"but you can't go" Sam replys sitting down on the chair near by the console

"the tardis is already traveling"

"if you go I won't be able to leap.
you have to go back I need you to be in the waiting room for me to leap"

"Well we can worry about that later can't we"

The Doctor looking like Sam dances around the console and starts flicking switches pulling levers and sends the tardis back to 1997. Smiling at the reflection of Sams face in the time rota.

The tardis reappears inside the daleks mother ship. And he turns on the shields.

Sam says "are you always like this?"

"oh yes! that's me a mad man with a box alloisy!"

"oh boy!"

Both doctors leave the tardis and the doctor says "did you miss me?"

I front of three daleks

The daleks turn to face the doctor and says

"who are you identify yourself!"

"am the doctor!"

"you are not the doctor he is the doctor"

They look at Sam and turn to him aim at him.

Sam looking nervous.

"oh brother its along story but its me I may not have the same face as before but its still me inside oh yes!"

Sam wasn't use to seeing himself act so bravey in this way before Sam was of course a hero of but a different kind of hero.

And the only words Sam could say was

"like he said"

He turns and says to sam "no, no, no don't do that"

He turns back to the daleks and says

"now what do you what? Why are you here?" the doctor walks up to the daleks looking brave and continues

"it's not the same plan is it exterminate everyone and conquer the universe is it? That plan does so get boring after the first 100 years oh so doesn't it? and really dull doesn't it have you not ever thought about just helping people instead using your talents to help races not destroy them."

The daleks reply" this human acts like the doctor but he has only one heart"

"it's still me inside you tin for brains"

While looking at the daleks eye stork

Sam smiles at the whole scene playing out.

The daleks look at each other and says




"that's my q!"

The Doctor aims the sonic at a near by daleks computer console and as he presses the tip the device turning blue buzzes at the machiney.

the daleks are suddenly transmatted out into deep space with them floating above the earth.

The Doctor and Sam runs to one of the consoles and the doctor overrides the system using the sonic and sets the ship to blow up within 5 minutes silent count down. Luckily the dalek ship is orbiting the earth. And he starts flying the ship away from planet earth.

Suddenly the black dalek appears behind the doctor as if out of no where and Sam runs behind the dalek and with all his might pushes the dalek away plus hitting the eye stork of the dalek with a metal rod he had found inside the doctors jacket with the dalek randomly laser firing the temporal weapon the lazer fire hits other consoles nearby and they disappear as if they hadn't existed.

With the dalek yelling

"my vision is impaired"

"my vision is impaired"

With the dalek slowly being pushed to the other side of the room the doctor aims his sonic and as it buzzes a door opens behind the dalek sucking the dalek out into outer space. And another buzz of the sonic the door closes again.

Both the doctor and Sam look at each other and they smile both running towards the tardis and as they enter the box and the machiney inside the dalek ship starts to go up in flames and the police public call box disappears like smoke like it was never there.

In space the whole ship blows up like a big fantastic fire work.

The ship being destroyed from within.

The tardis spins near the earth with bits of the dalek ship all around them.

And in that moment the imaging chamber door opens and closes again after a few taps on the handlink.

"Al your a bit late on this leap?"

"well I did have to deal with the doctor you know"

The Doctor looks at Sam saying

"what are you seeing Sam?"

"it's my friend Al he's a hologram when he contacts me he appears in the form of a hologram" turning to the doctor.

the doctor nods aims his sonic at the same direction Sam is looking at and after a few buzzing noises from the device Al appears to the doctor as well.

"hello Al"

"what! Ohh great you both can see me know can you... Wow this place is a kick in the butt isn't it"

Looking around In aww at the inside of the 10ths doctors console room.

"it's the tardis"

"it's the what?" Al replys

"Sam says it's his time machine"

"I see" Al nods and taps the handlink with the device flashing in his hand

"Sam ziggy says you're done it with the black dalek gone and there ship destroyed you both have saved the earth including time you should be leaping right about now"

"but I can't can I? it's because of him isn't it? the doctors out of the waiting room isn't he?"

"that may be so" tapping the handlink more.

The Doctor listening to them very carefully says

"OK let's go back then"

The Doctor sets the controls on the console for

New Mexico, project quantum leap..... the waiting room.

After a few minutes the public call police box appears inside the waiting room and the doctor steps out changes back into the white clothes he originally leaped into Sam wearing.

And stands near the table inside the room.

Sam steps outside the box and says to the doctor

"what about me?"

"what about you?" with the doctor looking serious on his face at Sam

"can I go home now?"

Al walks through the double doors of the tardis like a ghost passing through the doors and appears next to Sam.

The Doctor looking sorry for himself replys

"I can't Sam I am really sorry but I can't you see you are a fix point in time and I can't change that I just can't, I can't change your destiny there is only one person who can or could and that's you and that's right. One day I am sure you will leap back but Sam just for the moment anyway you do know don't you that if you go back now who's going to help all thoses people in time?

I know I can't do it all and believe me I've tried but I welcome your help any day sam"

Sam nods saying "thank you doctor"

"no thank you Dr beckett also while I was in the tardis I did a trace on your future and it seems like its our destiny to meet up again Sam at some point in my future my next regeneration. Believe it or not So until then which I will look forward to I just want to say thank you Sam for being who you are and doing what you do best. "

Also when you go back into the tardis switch on the fast return switch three times fast I have labelled it for you and that will take you back to 1997. And you should be able to leap from there. Also when we next meet I may not remember you due to the time lines right now being out of sink but I hope so even if it's just bits and pieces of memory. "

"so until we meet again sam bye sam"

"bye doctor"

Sam steps into the police box and al disappears and a few minutes later the police box disappears like a ghost into time and the doctor stands in front of the table and says

"alloisy! I don't want to go!"

The Doctor starts to leap with a wash of blue light covering him from head to toe and Dr Sam beckett leaps out into time......

When the leaping finishes and fades away

Sam finds himself wearing A really long blue with stars wrizard looking outfit and he is high above looking down over battlements in what appears to be a medieval looking castle and Sam finds himself holding a staff in one hand suddenly a Knight in full metal armour walks over to him and says

"Merlin we need you and we need you now merlin your our only hope!"

Sam replys "merlin! Oh, oh boy!"

To be continued.

Also the next adventure regarding the doctor with Dr sam beckett is called

"one giant leap"

And can be found on amazon.

By Simon burnnell

Alternative scene

The war doctor in a old forgotten barn on gallifrey John hurt is looking at the big red button in front of him.

And Rose as the moment says sitting near by.

"well you wanted a big red button"

"you know the sound the tardis makes the weizzing it brings hope every where it goes doesn't it?"

The war doctor "I like to think it does"

Rose "it brings hope to everyone who hears it even you doctor how ever lost"

And suddenly two tardises appears at the back of the barn and the noise of the ships are heared behind the war doctor out of no where and the 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor steps out of there police boxes.

And the war doctor says to his future selfs

"go back to your lives this is for me be the doctor I could never be make it worth while!"

The 10th Doctor says looking at his future "these events are time locked we shouldn't even be here"

The 11th doctor "something let us through"

Rose says smiling "you clever boys"

The war doctor puts his hands up above the moment about to press the big red button in front of him then suddenly blue bright light washs over him covers the war doctor from every part of his body in a fantastic glow of blue bright light and after a few minutes Sam has leaped into the war doctor and wearing his old leather jacket Sam says

"oh boy!"

Rose says outloud "that's unexpected"

This story was written by John Gerrard
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