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Jul 1, 2005
Route 66

It is still possible (with a few "on freeway" requirements) to do Route 66 from north of San Bernadino to the Santa Monica Pier. There are books out there with what's left of the Route from Chicago to LA. I would be happy to send you the route that we took or inform about resources.

Other Drives of interest:

Pacific Coast Hwy
Sunset Blvd
Mulhollin Drive

If there are other "neat drives" add to the list in a reply.
Helen in Colorado
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Thank you, Helen, this is great!

We're going to have a great fat stonking convention book with all sorts of info on the local area, and the internet opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Please add your favourite LA/CA drives, folks!
Yes, Helen, this is a good start -- I think a lot of our attendees will be making their first visit to L.A. and will be wondering about what (other than the con) to see and do.

The Pacific Coast Highway drive is wonderful for anyone who wants a good look at the Pacific -- there are some spectacular views. Mulholland Drive is great for views, but the driving can be a little hair-raising, with all its twists and turns. And Sunset can give a newbie a real "mini tour" of the area, running from Hollywood through Beverly Hills all the way to the coast.
Ooo... You should make sure to include the location of Dean Stockwell's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I know there'll definitely be people interested in seeing it.

Maybe you could even include a small map that points out locations where scenes from QL were shot that are publicly accessible. I'm sure there's got to be at least a few.

:Love To All:
~ Joy ~
Judy, our LA Committee Member, is working on just that, Joy; glad to see that we seem to be anticipating what you guys want! I'm actually going out to see Judy in December, and she is busily watching Quantum Leap in order to pick out filming locations so we can do a practise tour!

And of course, there is also Don Bellisario's star, which he received in 2004.
Yep - check out the extras on the Quantum Leap season one disk - Don mentions getting his star, and that there were Leapers present that were very noisy and had banners; I was one of the Leapers, though, of course, as an English person, I was very quiet and refined and left the loudness to my New York friends.