DVD Covers Seasons

Six Killer

Project QL Intern
Jan 25, 2006
Nashville, TN
Hello everyone,

I am a newbee on this forum, so let me introduce my self at first.

I'm John Conner Worden, an aviator for the US Navy serving the USS J.C. Stennis (CVN 74), flying F-18 single seater.

Altho they call me Six Killer, the name is added to my navigator, cause I broke six nosewheels of my craft. :banghead
But nevertheless, they still let me fly those things.

You can call me a space minkey, cause I love everything that has to do with Sci-fi and all things that look like it.

I am hooked on Quantum Leap since the day it was aired on TV, to bad they don't broadcast any of it no more.

But long live the DVD, I can have all the Seasons on my own tv set.
Cause as strange as I might look. I downloaded them from the internet. But now there is one thing I looking for. I tried to search the internet, but I can't seem to find the proper ones for it.

The DVD covers from Quantum Leap Seasons 1 to 5.
So is there anyone who can be at service to give a link or has the
DVD set, so I can have a JPG file wih the covers. Much applied. :D

Well so far, so good.

Gods speed all and keep on leaping