Episode 11- Leap.Die.Repeat


Project QL Assistant
Nov 16, 2021
Quantum Leap 2022s first imho 10/10 and stand-out episode. i liked how they pushed the boundaries of the time concept by putting Ben in a loop and he had to figure his way out of his impending 5th death. Good to see great writing and innovative ideas being used in this way, something OG never really explored.

I have to admit when I first watched the trailer for the episode and they mentioned "what this nuclear reactor can do" I thought it could have been a prelude to a new Quantum accelerator and Ben had leapt to a very early beginning of project QL (maybe something for a future episode ;) ). The groundhog style premise was a worthy substitute :) .

There were still a few minor issues with production and acting however this episode really does deserve alot of praise.

It must be stuck in an update loop <impish grin>

But seriously, I enjoyed the ep. I love time travel and time loops. It was a departure from the usual premise but that's okay. Having superweird stuff happen once in awhile is something the OG series did also.

I also have so many questions and ponderances running around my brain.

Who Janis, who was it- ahhhh.

It has occurred to me that we do not actually know that much about the timeline that resulted at the end of mirror image. For years we weren't even sure Al remembered and was part of the project at all.

Did Sam trade more then we realize in that timeline? Give up Donna so she wouldn't be left waiting for him.

What about the lack of Al's knowledge from all those ex-wives. Was Tina still there. Was Beth project medical.

Then there is Al looking for Sam and Brth and Magic blocking Janis following in his footsteps.

The reason Ben has to leap the other time travelers.

We already know its not our reality and it's not the sparkly light world of og Quantum Leap's future.

There was a time line where Janis was on the project from the beginning and it was changed I suspect.

I do wonder of we are dealing wih a parallel timeliness, fading/merged timeliness, or some level of predestination paradox .

If the theory about Addison being Sam's Grandaughter (via Sami jo) is true that could even be related - which pivotal moments of the OG series actually could have competing timelines/timeline collapse impacting them and that's before you add competing time change projects