Found a song all about Scott bakula! check it out!


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Feb 20, 2006
U.K. Greater London
I found this song all about Scott Bakula, by a band called Sunspot.

Here's a link to were you can download it for yourself, along with some of their other songs too.

It's the second one down entitled 'Scott Bakula' funny enough! ;)

Anyway i found this song hilarious and really catchy too! a must for all fans of Scott and his work.

I'm so glad i found it, cause it just came up in a random search for Scott Bakula. I praise you my dear internet! :bow

Haha, yeah ok enough of that!
Well take care everyone! And happy listening! :lol
aww, i loved it, that was soo cool.
"Scott Bakula, never smoked crackula" haha i loved that line. hehe.
and i so totally agreed with the good things they said about him being kind and sensitive.