From us who made "Leap To Di For"


Project QL Intern
Well kiddos, we all made so many good friends during our "Leap To Di For" production, that it feels odd not sharing our newest production with you all-- my Leaper friends!!

Its not QL related at all, but I'm wondering if Brian wouldn't mind me sharing stories, stills and info about our new film, based on the Batman character.

Its funny, but as we move forward on this new Batman film, we all keep referring back to ALTDF all the time! What a great experience...

Thanks guys!

I'd love to hear about your new film. I enjoy reading behind-the-scenes stories and seeing photos.

And I'm sure a bunch of us here are Batman fans who'd like to keep up with the news.
i loved ur movie it was good and quite movin in the end.Anyway i thought of an alternate ending for this movie, after i saw an ep of TZ where a guy goes back in time and he saves jfk < he was his great great grandfather> and anyway things go from worst to HELL.the world war 3 is going to take place and that wouldnt happen if jfk murdered in texas. he eventually change the future again and jfk dies becouse he had to die ...
so i was thinkin the same for this show.I mean everything happen for a reason and sometimes people die for a reason maybe the writers of ql didnt think of that, that if u change history something worst could happen like in the movie butterfly effect.
And so i was thinking at the end of the movie that sam manages to save princess di and she does not go in to the car and die with alfagiet.then sam leaps and he leaps to some rock singer in 1998 one year later and as he watches the tv he is suddenly socked by something.The news says princess diana and her 2 kids KILLED AT A TERRORIST ATTACK ON THEIR WAY TO THE MUSEUM OR SOMETHIN BLA if princess diana hadnt died she would still got murdered and this time her kids would be killed too.
After many discussions with al what they should goes back to ziggy and make sam leap and leap again to the same man he lept the first time in 97 and saved diana.and so this time he does NOTHING... he just sees diana for one last time he wants to say something but he thinks of her children and he sees her leave the hotel.....
That was my idea hope u liked it lol